Pantone: A system for Colors

When it is about the packaging, we can think about many details that matter. In fact, one of the most important parts of the packaging design is the ability to understand that every feature has a huge impact on the final product.

One of those features is, of course, the color. 


As always when it is about packaging design, color is not a simple issue. Let’s start with the fact that you can found thousands of variations of colors; even the perceptions of color, between one and another person, are slightly different! Then how to make sure that the color you want is the color you will get? Well, here is when the Pantone System makes its big entrance.

Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.
Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.

But what is the Pantone System? How does it work?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color standardization system that was designed to help in the color matching and identification process created around 1963, the system allowing the color consistency. It works assigning a number for the color followed by a letter U (uncoated), C (coated). The PMS works as a global system to ensure a 100% matching between colors. 

The PMS makes part of what is known as color spaces, and it is not the only color system. You can also found: Red, Green, and Blue system (RGB), Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) or Hexadecimal Color (Hex). However, just PMS and CMYK are used in offline scenarios, and Pantone is globally preferred in the printing industry.

Another thing to have into account is the printing material. The reason is that the same color could have a different appearance depending on the type of material in which it is printed. That is why it is highly recommended to order a sample before start production to make sure about how it is going to look the color into the final product. 

At the same time, different types of surface treatment will produce a variation in the final product; uncoated and coated may look different even if the color has the exact same code.

Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.
Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.

PMS has a big influence on the design industry. As proof of it, for over 20 years, Pantone has been selecting a trending color of the year based on different factors; this trend color is commonly used in the new designs! For this year: 

Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.

 And of course, we can’t avoid mentioning the most famous Pantone colors that belong to specifics brands: 

Pantone: A system for Colors He Tien Package Co.

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Oktoberfest: Beer and package.

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival! A 16 days festival celebrated in Munich, Germany. This ancient tradition, celebrated with few interruptions since 1810, is a mix of joy, traditions, and beer, a lot of beer!

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

The festival attracts over 6 million people every year who consume 1.5 million gallons of beer, 200,000 pairs of pork sausage, and 480,000 spit-roasted chickens!

Despite the name, the celebration starts in September, during it is just allowed the Oktoberfest beer, considered one of the best beer in the world, specially brewed for the festival and with at least 6% of alcohol.

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

The festival also gives us many, many! Examples of customized products, since food and beer until mugs everything acquires a special and valuable meaning if you add the Oktoberfest feature to it. 

The Packaging, the food, and the beer! 

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

Without a doubt, beer and Bavarian culture are the centers of the festival. When it is about beer, you can found many types of packages all of them have something in common: the big legend “Oktoberfest” even in a bigger size that the beer brand, why is it? Simple: the beer is part of the celebration; through the customized packaging the beer is saying to the consumer two valuable things :

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.
Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

 1. this beer is an authentic Oktoberfest beer, it means that it is special, unique, it accomplishes the necessary features to achieve the official Oktoberfest title

2. Is saying if you drink this beer it means you are a part of the festival, more than the product the Oktoberfest feature will also sell the participation in an experience. 

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

Sausages also had an important role in this huge event! We all know that Germans are the master of sausages.

Oktoberfest: Beer and package. He Tien Package Co.

That’s why sausages are also strongly present on the festival food variety, the package, of course, also says to the consumer: this is not any kind of sausages; we are special featured Oktoberfest edition sausage! 

The power of customization is really incredible, it has the potential to make your product outstanding, all our products are fully customizable, contact us and take your product to a new level! 

Luxury Packaging

Shopping is an experience. Add value to every part of that experience is, currently, one of the most relevant points on business, to generate engagement, build the brand, and be outstanding.

The package is one of the most important parts of the shopping experience, after all, 100 % of the consumers will have contact with the packaging. It is an integral part of the product, is the scenery through the product will be presented. 

Luxury packaging is hard to be defined, as luxury could be a matter of perception. In general terms, luxury packaging has the purpose of appealing to the consumer senses to achieve the idea of quality, exclusivity, and value.


Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.

One important thing to remember is that packaging is also advertising, luxury packaging is immediately related to a luxury product. In addition to it, the sense of exclusivity that the packaging offers affects the consumer, an effect knows as the impact on emotional marketing.

 What to have into account to create a luxury package?

Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.

Premium Quality on the Shelf: 

The packaging should out stand on the shelf and share the message about the quality of the products, traditionally matte finishes, and muted colors are associated with premium products.

Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.
Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.

Exclusivity and care:

A big challenge of luxury packaging is to outstand without shout, to be subtle, elegant, and inimitable. Same time luxury requires extra care of every detail involving the aspect and the performance of the packaging. 

Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.
Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.

Special features:

Luxury packaging commonly includes special characteristics that are thought to elevate the experience of the consumer with the product, essences, or customized cards are commonly used, make sure to enhance the experience. 

Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.
Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.


A luxury package demands the use of quality material; remember that the packaging represents the first real contact between the consumer and the product. Wrong materials lead to a feeling of low quality. Luxury brands usually use rigid box packaging.  

Luxury Packaging He Tien Package Co.

There are many things to say about luxury packaging, in brief summary we would say: Give to the product the package that it deserves for it keep in mind that every detail counts, and that quality is not just a characteristic is also an experience.  

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Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle

We love the packaging; there is no doubt about it! But we are also big fans of food. One of our favorite condiments is Ketchup, not just because of its delicious flavor, or for its curious story also, of course, for its iconic package! 

For most of us, Ketchup is synonymous with tomatoes but, it wasn’t always like that, in fact, the traditionally American related condiment was a fish sauce originally from Asia!

 Actually, the tomatoes were not into consideration for a long time on the menu; until 1876 when public opinion about this veggie made a big turn. Tomato ketchup acquired popularity not just for its flavor, also for being considerate a healthier option over the other types of Ketchup. 

Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.

The Heinz Ketchup story starts in 1904 when the recipe finally cracked the secret of a tasty and preservative-free formula.

 The bottle! 

Make it clear – The glass

The glass bottle, with its particular shape, quickly became a standard shape for the Ketchup packaging.

“Every bottle of Heinz tomato Ketchup sold is see-through it’s no accident, it’s a design statement: Purity through transparency.”

Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.

   Make it bigger – The size.

 In 1970 Heinz sold the Keg O’ Ketchup, holding 32 Ounces was one the biggest condiment bottles available in grocery stores.


Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.
Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.

Make it practical – Squeezable bottle.

Make of bendable plastic, this bottle was a
big hit! The customer was one squeeze away from getting the sauce; the design
became so popular that the company stopped the production of the glass bottle. 

Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.

Make it even more practical – Upside down

The use of gravity improved the squeezing motion this making this packaging as popular than even other companies started
to use the same design. 

Make it green – Plant bottles. 

 The bottle uses the same design, but this one has 30% removable material, and it’s 100% recyclable. The bottle was created in a company’s big effort to reduce the environmental impact.

One of the fundamental characteristics of iconic packaging is its ability to innovate. To achieve it, make sure you identify the purpose of your product and the need that it is covering. Use the packaging as a tool, more than protect the packaging, has the incredible potential of taking your product to another level. Are you ready to be iconic? 
Iconic Packaging : Heinz Bottle He Tien Package Co.

Extra Facts

  1. Today Heinz sells more than 650 million bottles every year.
  2. The first product sold under the Heinz brand was horseradish on 1869
  3. Ketchup used to be … Catsup!
  4. There is a Ketchup museum that you can visit
  5. Currently, Heinz sells more than 5700 products.

Edible packaging

Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.

Back into London Marathon, little pop bubbles were offered to the runners; the squares contained a sip of sports drink. The square encapsulates the liquid into a film made from seaweed, suitable for consumption, or, in case of being spit away, completely biodegradable.

That is the definition of edible packaging. Basically, is food wrapped on food, with the simple idea of consuming the packaging once consume the product; a simple idea that involves many challenges, with the purpose of the fight against plastic pollution.

But that is not the only example, edible packaging had been between us a long time ago. The ice cream cone, the sausages case, and the leaves wrapping are some of them, and of course, nature is the greatest artist of edible packaging.

Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.
Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.

Drinking Straws, Currently available on lemon, lime, strawberry, cinnamon, ginger, apple, and chocolate the drinking straws developed by Herald, were launched in the UK market, including the possibility of brand customization.

Edible Cup, Loliware cups are made from seaweed, organic sweeteners, and flavor from fruits and vegetables: 100% gluten-free, non-toxic, and safe, what they call “Biodegrad-Edible.”

Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.

Sorghum Spoon Made in a base of Jowar flour blended with rice and wheat, 100 % biodegradable, this spoon gives to the concept of “finish your whole meal.” a new meaning.

There are many reasons why edible packaging needs to be into consideration, it represents a huge opportunity to reduce plastic pollution. 

Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.

However, before being completely suitable, the use of edible packaging need to face and solve many challenges; been the biggest one inside its own definition, the concept of food wrapping food. It allows us to ask: how to protect it? How to make it safe for the consumer? How to avoid the rise in the cost? How to change the habit of the client to convince him/her about eating something that usually doesn’t eat?

There is no doubt that the packaging industry must develop a process in which environmental care plays a fundamental role.

There is much to explore inside the packaging business with the main goals of, been at the service of the product,  mediate in the relationship between the client and the product, share a message, create engagement, but also to contribute to help and restore the nature.

Edible packaging He Tien Package Co.

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Starbucks, a Coffee Cup,

Starbucks has over 31.000 stores worldwide, with 400.000 partners serving 100 million customers a week; there is not a mystery why Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands over the world. It is not a risky bet to say that you probably had tried the coffee there if that is the case you may remember the cup, and of course behind the package, there is a story, 

An innovation Story, Starbucks cup had been an icon on innovation since 1997. This year the brand introduces the cup sleeve, it might not sound like a big deal but, the piece of cardboard used to absorb heat and allow grip the coffee cup helps to finish the old practice of the double-cupping, with a significant positive environmental impact. Currently, cup sleeves keep been a common factor in coffee cup packaging.

Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.

In 2006 the Starbucks cup was the first one to get approved by the U.S. food and drug administration whit is 10 % post-consumption recycled fiber paper cups. 

Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.

A Customization Story, One of the signatures of the experience, in the Starbucks coffee shop, is to get your cup with your name on it. This simple customization trick is a key to the success of the brand, a simple message “this cup is specifically for you” that has a huge impact on the customer’s brain

A Holidays Story, One of the signs that holiday is coming, is the coming back of the Starbucks red holiday cups. Holidays customizing packaging is an effective and strong marketing tool; it enhances emotional purchase, gives freshness into the product, and brings renewal to the brand. 

Holidays features are commonly used in the Starbucks cups, last year’s official cup names: Polka dots / Merry Dance / Merry Stripes / Candy Cane Stripes! Read more, emotional market  


Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.
Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.

A Going Green Story, 


By 2030, Starbucks will aim to reduce carbon
emissions by 50 percent; reduce waste sent to landfills from stores and
manufacturing by 50 percent, driven by a broader shift toward a circular
economy; and will also conserve or replenish 50 percent of the water currently
being used for direct operations and coffee production,

The advantages of going green 

Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.

And a Story Outside the coffee shop, Mike Peck, the Starbucks’ creative director of packaging, was clear about Starbucks idea about packaging: The bag has the difficult task of communicating the Ethos of the brand, the bag is the link, a Storytelling medium that should help in the first matter task: Select the correct coffee style. 

Starbucks, a Coffee Cup, He Tien Package Co.

The package evolves at the same time at the product, potentially a package can communicate, help, share, identify, enhance, and protect the product. 

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The icons on design: a scary pumpkin

An icon, in simple terms, is an image that has a symbolic or metaphoric potential to express, communicate, or facilitate interaction. It is a visual symbol. 

We are surrounded by icons, and in the graphic design industry icons are essential to communicate an idea without overload the design.

An icon could improve interaction, could clarify, and of course, could be perfect for entertain and add infinite esthetic possibilities to the design.

About icons make sure that the ones you will use are meaningful, clear, easily recognizable,  easy to remember, and related to your product.

Nowadays icons are everywhere you just need to think in the last time you catch an idea with just saw an image.

The icons on design: a scary pumpkin He Tien Package Co.

The magic of the icons is to be able to generate a reaction, of been related to a profound idea or experience. Some of them are universal and sometimes, even if we easily recognize them, we have no idea what is the story behind the icon.

The icons on design: a scary pumpkin He Tien Package Co.

That could be the case behind one of the most popular horror icons related to our favorite holiday: The Halloween pumpkin.

The scary pumpkin is, without doubts, related to Halloween, but the truth is that pumpkins on Halloween are not the oldest tradition. 

The Jack o’ lanterns have an origin linked to an Irish tradition to keep distracted the spirits from entering into homes and farms.

The tradition is also related to an old story in which Jack and Irish blacksmith, who tricked the devil on many occasions, was denied to enter heaven and hell, instead of it, the devil, returned Jack to the world carrying the burning pumpkin accessory.

The tradition arrives USA with Irish and Scottish migrants.

Besides the story, pumpkins also have some other secrets, they grow all over the world, they are 90% water and the largest pumpkin ever grow weight 1.140 pounds!

Use visual symbols to customize your packaging design! add special features related to holidays is an excellent way to make your packaging stands out! let us help you. We are experts.

The icons on design: a scary pumpkin He Tien Package Co.

Social media and packaging, Getting viral

Social media is currently an important matter, it no just sharing about our lives; social media is now a powerful business tool and an ally for all kinds of companies. 

 Social media is huge! Since the first steps of social media, we all knew it will be an important matter, but none could predict how social media will influence and transform societies. It is not just about sharing a post, social media contains how we want to be seen by the others, the way we socialize, shop, share, get related, and of course, more now than ever, how we make business. 

Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.

Some of the reasons why social media is powerful are, 

* We all have access to social media

* We all are in social media

                              * We all can take advantage of social media 


And of course, the packaging industry is not exempt from this. For the packaging industry, social media had had a huge impact, for us that impact can be identified in specific areas: Design and experience.

Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.
Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.


Packaging now must be designed for been share, create a big impact with the main purpose of getting viral. This is one of the greatest aspects of social media, everyone can share a post; the customer becomes the marketer.  

It is important to think about: how the color is going to look on a digital screen? How it’s going to look through a Smartphone device? What makes it worthy to be share? 

Here are some tips for a good social media packaging design 

  •  – Be unique 
  • – Be different 
  • – Do not overload the package 
  • – Be clear 
Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.
Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.


Thought social media, more than a product, you are selling an experience, that’s why is so important to keep in mind the definition of your target client, the different channels of exposition and the importance of emotions, In packaging, the experience now should be beyond the traditional idea of the packaging as limited to the product safeties; the customizing process, the ability of surprise and to be different are highly valuables.

One of the clearest examples is the growing trend of unboxing videos. 

Check other ideas to improve your social media marketing

Social media implies rethink the industry, adjust, and use it as an advantage to make your product outstanding. 

Social media and packaging, Getting viral He Tien Package Co.

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COVID and the packaging industry

The current events had affected how all of us do business. The packaging industry, of course, is not the exception to this, COVID had several implications in the development of the packaging industry; how had it been affected?

COVID and the packaging industry He Tien Package Co.

Currently, the increasing necessity to cover is safeties, in terms of clean and sanity. That’s why the industry has been affected in different ways; the impact on food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging is low in comparison with the beauty and travel sector. 

COVID lessons to the packaging industry,

Sustainable packaging in risk, due to the sanitary relation of the virus, reusable packaging has decreased and is projected a possible risk on sustainable package development. Currently, the plastic package of one use is getting stronger, as well as pre-packed items. The trend is changing from lees is more to the selection of moreover less.  

COVID and the packaging industry He Tien Package Co.

It is necessary to slow down and reevaluate the importance of sustainable packages and start to propose sustainable alternatives that accomplish and guarantee safety demand. 

COVID and the packaging industry He Tien Package Co.

E-commerce rise, One of the biggest conclusions of this unprecedented situation is the high importance of the Internet and his big influence in the market. e-commerce was a strong alternative before the virus, and know is clear that many businesses will definitely migrate to online space, the demand for e-commerce packaging as the first real contact between the client and the product has an essential role in the branding process.

Food delivery, companied by e-commerce rise, food delivery platforms had had a rise. In terms of packaging, the industry must focus on developing a practical and safe package that allows easy delivery, save products, and sustainable use. 

Supply chain, Close borders have made us a question about supply chains and think in a possible a back to the local. For the packaging industry, it means to start to innovate in the way in which production works, and develops alternatives that allow the flow uninterrupted of the cooperation and work with companies around the world. 

COVID and the packaging industry He Tien Package Co.

Business-as-usual must be re-imagining, the packaging industry needs to take the lessons from COVID-19 to build a new way to conceive and design packaging.

The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s

The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s He Tien Package Co.

We bet that you can recognize this famous can. After all, the same Andy Warhol recognized the Campbell’s Soup can, as his favorite work, and is one of the most representative works of the Pop art movement. 

The art based on this iconic package starts with a simple suggestion of a Warhol’s friend: “paint something that everybody can recognize, like a Campbell’s soup” This suggestion leads to the creation of a set of projections of the cans traced onto canvas and hand-painted, the original ‘batch’ of soup cans, a work, that was exhibited for the first time at a gallery in Los Angeles, creating a big sensation in the art world. 

What is beyond the paint?

Although the soup was already known, the painting immortalized it along with its 32 different flavors, turning it into an iconic package. 

Beyond the paint, Campbell’s soup can have something to teach us:

The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s He Tien Package Co.
The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s He Tien Package Co.

The importance of being recognizable

One of the most important tasks of the packaging is to create engagement. For it, the packaging needs to be memorable; sometimes a simple and clear message is the best way to communicate. 


to be iconic is not necessary to create an incredible intricate packaging. Been an iconic package is about to represent and promote a product in the best possible way, is about to become a symbol. 

The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s He Tien Package Co.
The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s He Tien Package Co.

Cans matter, 

Tin cans are an ideal package for food, easy to transport, and with the advantage of the airtight packaging, that allows preserving food fresh and extends shelf life, when is about of packaging the material and the shape have an essential role, make sure that decision you take to make your product out stand, remember to have into account been practical to select the material and been suitable to choose the shape. 

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