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Packaging trends for 2021

We all were waiting for the begging of 2021, after a rough and unexpected 2020. For sure, the change in the calendar does not imply that all our worries are automatically gone. But the new begging allows everyone to restart the hope button. Circumstances may are not the easiest, but certainly, we will keep doing our best. The packaging industry is not oblivious to the circumstances. Here are some of the trends that will rule the industry over this year. 


Let’s see what this 2021 will bring to us! 2021 mood on: 

Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.
Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Pantone: The color of the year

In short, Pantone is a color standardization system (take a look at our article to know more: What is Pantone?). Every year the Pantone Institute picks a representative color. For this year, we have two: Ultimate gray and illuminating. 

“The selection of two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one color or one person, it’s about more than one. The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of possibility supported by fortitude,”

An accurate selection for what we hope 2021 represents. 

Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.

E-commerce Boom 

The prediction of the growth of e-commerce was not a secret for anyone; the unexpected fact was a pandemic that accelerates the speed to an incredible rate. 

The packaging industry needs to supply e-commerce demand, mainly focusing on two key aspects: 


Current issues have made people feel more disconnected and impersonal than ever; that is why packaging needs to concentrate in connect, and offer for the client a pleasant unboxing experience, and the sensation of a close relationship with the brand.

Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.


It has become one of the main goals of packaging, not just about product safety, going to the point of assuring to avoid the possibility of viral exposure. Prioritizing in designs strong enough to go through long shipping times and that covers as much as possible of the physicals parts of the product 

Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Fun characters and anatomical ink designs 

We are big fans of creativity, and this is why we love this trend. Is expected to see more design that includes:

-Characters coming out from scientific books with a realistic anatomic sketch 

-Irreverent and fun characters demanding the attention of potential customers.

Those are interesting trends but, as always, the best way to have an impact is to be unique, you want to know how to do it? It’s pretty easy … Contact us! We are ready to create the package that your product deserves. 

Packaging trends for 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Our trick: It’s good to follow the trend, but is better to become a trend.

Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box

This may sound a bit obvious, as easy as take a meter and merely measuring. But be careful! The process is not the most complicated thing, but, there are a few things you should know at the moment of measuring a box. 

But first, let’s talk about the importance of the correct measure of a box. To make it simple we are going to take two common scenarios.

Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box He Tien Package Co.

Scenario 1: You are ordering a new package for your product, the design is amazing, perfect color, shape, material everything looks as you want it, you got a sample, and when you are about to get the final view: The product does not fit! 

The reason is a bad measure, but do not worry, we will help you to avoid this bad scene. 


Scenario 2: All your boxes are ready. It had been a long way, but finally, everything is ready to ship and get the products. Final obstacle: containers and pallets. By knowing the accurate measures of the box you can avoid a bad pallet process; which leads to damaged products due to overload pallets or lose money with a container partially empty.

Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box He Tien Package Co.

But, again, we are here to help you, for it follows these simple tips that can save you money, time, and much stress. 

Tip 1 :


The Length, The Width, and the Height


There is a big difference between a 400 * 300 * 250 mm box and a 300 * 250*400 mm box, it is because of the dimensions. 


       The Length: It makes reference to the longest side of the box            that has a flap: L

       The width: Is the other side with a flap, as you can guess by             now, is the shorter side with a flap of the box: W

       The Height: Also known as depth, it’s the vertical dimension of         the box, the distance between the top and the bottom: H

The traditional measures of a box will be: 


                                               L x W x H


Can all the measures be equal? Of course, then you have a perfectly square package. 

Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box He Tien Package Co.
Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box He Tien Package Co.
Basic packaging knowledge: Measure a box He Tien Package Co.

Tip 2,  

There is a distinction between internal and external measures, according to the thickness of the material, internal and external measures may vary. Also, remember to add some extra space for safety wrapping. 

Tip 3,

Make sure that your artwork perfectly fits with the surface of your packaging! This is really important to get that the design match with size and structure. It’s a crucial step to get a perfect package. 

TIP 4,


Always send samples of your products to the packaging expert, in this way you can make sure, that the product will perfectly fit with the package. And have in account that additional features like compartments or inserts will modify the total volume capacity of the package. How to measure the total volume? 

Again: L X W X H

Use this information to get the perfect measures, it will save you money, keep your product safe, avoid waste, help the environment, and increase your sales. Contact us. We are experts.

Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board

Design a new packaging may look like a challenging and difficult task, and it is. 


We usually get many quotations in which our potential clients are sure about just one fact: the need for the packaging. But solving that need requires many considerations: Structure, Safety, Printing, Quantity, Size, Color, Material, Product conditions, Practicality, and so on.  


In summary, in the packaging design and production process, are hundred of variations to keep in mind. 


Then the natural first question should be: Where to start? The answer will be: it depends. As with many things, there is no unique way to do it; but there are a couple of steps that are essentials to give your packaging design and production a happy ending. 

Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board He Tien Package Co.

The essential tasks: 

-. Know your product: You may think this step is too obvious no one knows your product better than you. But this is a KEY task in the process. Good packaging needs to answer to the product needs and enhance the performance of it. Keep in mind: What is how you want to present your product to your customers? 



Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board He Tien Package Co.

-. Set a budget: Packaging needs planning, and one of the main things of a plan is to set a budget. A good package is not necessarily the most expensive one, but, at the same time, cheap packaging is not equal to save money. Set a budget allows you to have a guide about the range of activities for your package. Remember that to set a budget, doesn’t mean you must follow the exact amount without any change, it means to set a guideline, to keep in mind in the packaging development process.

-. Contact an expert: As we say, this is not an easy process. Contacting an expert will result in big safe money and time. But remember the KEY essential task, an expert can help you as long as, understand your product, and there is just one person that can introduce the product. Set your idea, be open to suggestions and changes but remember to be loyal to your product characteristics and your brand story. Be clear, and honest, in short words, the package will represent your product. 

Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board He Tien Package Co.

About the material: 

Let’s start by saying that there are many types of materials, for example, you can compare a perfume box, a delivery hamburger box, and a cereal box. You will notice that they are quite different; the first big difference between them is the type of material.

The most common material used on packaging is Paper Board due to its flexibility and durability. 

Paper Board itself has different variations. According to the selection, some features as quality of printing, and the overall structure, will be affected. 

Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board He Tien Package Co.

Types of Paper Board 

Well, the subtitle is a little too ambitious instead, we would talk about the most common
types of the paper board
; let’s start with a basic


Paper  Board It is a popular packaging material based on wood fiber. Based on the type of wood fiber and the fabrication process, it can cover a wide variety of physical forms and shapes.

Plastic coated paper single / Double As maybe you can guess by the name, this is a kind of art paper board with the addition of a plastic layer or treatment on a surface. Single or double refers to the number of plastic layers.  

Foil Paper board 

Foil laminated to the coated side of a paper backing. The top-coated material is
designed to accept ink, making it suitable for litho, offset, or silkscreen 
printing. Thicknesses vary and include 60#, 80#, and increments ranging from.

Art  Paper board, Is a high-quality paper, coated on both sides after manufacture with material containing adhesive, Kaolin, among others. Especially used in the printing of illustrated materials.

The grammage varies from 100 to 230 g/m2. These paper grades are triple coated with 20–40 g/m2/side.

Select your paper having into account the needs of your products, if you are looking for a thicker material, it is may suitable pick between art paper or paper board and adjust the grammage of the thickness if you are looking for a shiny and luxurious, finish foil paper board is the right answer for you, if your packaging is going to be designed for food, the plastic-coated paper will be a great option to protect product qualities. 

Paper will also affect the cost. If you don’t require special features, take the option to add a surface treatment to the less expensive paper and save some money. 

This knowledge could help you to have an overall idea about the importance and, the variety of options that you may found in the process of design and produce packaging.  

We would love to help you. Contact us. We are packaging experts.

Basic Packaging Knowledge: Paper Board He Tien Package Co.

COVID-19, Container Shortage

Globalized is one of the most accurate words to describe one of the biggest qualities of our current societies. It affects in huge part the world of business, even could say that this is a two ways road, the business has opened the necessity and have facilitated global ties, at the same time that globalization has deeply changed how we do business.

COVID-19, Container Shortage He Tien Package Co.

Many of the times, products have traveled more than some people! The design could start in the USA, the material arrives from China, and finally, the production takes place in Malaysia. That helps to create and establish strong links: Global production chains.

One of the mains parts of this chain is the shipment. The one that allows the goods to travel around the world.

When we talk about a shipment, there are some words that, even if we are not experts in the subject, we will recognize: Shipping terms, pallets, freight, and of course, containers.

In simple words, a container is a large metal or wooden box used for transport to make easier the process of loading goods onto ships.

There are different types of containers such as Open top, general-purpose, double door, open side, and so on. At the same time, you can found different sizes of them 20 FT general, 20 FT HC, 40 FT general, 40FT HC, among others.

The container is an essential part of an ocean shipment; in fact, we could say that there is no shipment without a container, at least not in a safe way.

COVID-19, Container Shortage He Tien Package Co.

That is why recent news has made sound alarms around the world in the last months.

The reason: A shortage of containers,

COVID-19, Container Shortage He Tien Package Co.

The fluctuating situation that the world is facing has made the industry goes from hardly find a place to keep the empty containers facing up a historic low demand; to cover a huge increase in shipments in a period shorter than eight months.

As a result of the shortage that has mainly affected Asian ports; the industry must face a high increment in the freights rates.

The latest container availability index report from container Xchange shows the record low,

“Due to the fast increase in demand after months of blank sailings, containers availability for 40 Ft, across China is currently at 0.05 points, compared with 0.63 at the same time last year.”

0.05 compared with 0.63, taking into account that according to the index, below 0.5 is read as a deficit.

Currently, the cost of a 20 Ft container from China to Europe jumped 49.5% in a month, and rates are expecting to keep climbing.

The shortage is also affecting delivery times, touching even the big platforms like Amazon, whit providers reporting delays of up ten days.  

COVID-19, Container Shortage He Tien Package Co.

It is clear that COVID-19 has affected in many ways the world; shipment and business are just a part of the many stages that would inevitably change after the unprecedented situation. How long is going to take, for the carriers industry, overcome and adjust to the situation? It is something that no one can yet foresee, but, for sure, there is a lot of in-game to keep the adjective globalization into the business description.

Texture and packaging,

Packaging matters; it will be the first physical contact between your client and the product. It represents one of the most important first impressions that the customer will get about the brand.

The packaging industry is constantly evolving, with the goal of offer protection to the product, attracting the product, build brand and engagement but, also providing a high-quality feel experience.

Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.
Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.

Studies show that the tactile effect has a positive impact on the purchase behavior, plus it the texture in a packaging it’s also associated with premium products. The basic principle of this study is “the more consumers handle a product, the more likely they will purchase it.

The multi sensory packaging appeals to all aspects involve in a purchase decision process; that’s why take advantage of all packaging techniques could help you to boost your sales. After all, among all the competence, the best strategy is to stand out.

How to give texture to a packaging?

Initially, every material has a different texture, give a special tactile experience to the customer through the package initiate by selecting the materials.

 But also in the packaging industry, you can found many options of surface treatments, a special process which the purpose of altering the natural feeling of the material. Two of the most popular texture treatments are:

Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.
Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.


The embossing process consists of raising a logo or a specific part of the artwork to add a 3D appearance. This process starts with the creation of a die, a personalized metal plate, whose press against the material slightly raises the area.

Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.
Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.


Opposite to it, the Debossing process, instead of raising as embossing process, the Debossing final result will be a depressed area. 


Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.

The use of natural texture also could have awesome results! And of course, there are also many combinations.

Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.
Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.
Texture and packaging, He Tien Package Co.

When it is about designed; the limit is set by our creativity. Contact us! We are experts in packaging

Spot UV

You may not commonly come across the term: SPOT UV, but you probably are familiar with it, after all, many of the packagings use this surface treatment on their designs.

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

Then, what exactly is SPOT UV? As you already may notice, it is a technical word used to describe the surface treatment of packaging. It means that it’s a special process in which the surface acquires different characteristics, affecting the texture or the color of the material. 

SOPT UV is, in the most strict definition, the process of apply ultraviolet (UV)to a material to add a high gloss coating to a specific area or surface of a printed piece. The result is an attractive shine that also protects the area against moisture and wear. 

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

This treatment is more commonly apply, and more effective, in color printed packaging.

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

Benefits of the Spot UV:

High Clarity and readability: Due to the Spot UV technique and the fast drying process; the result is not just shiny and attractive, it also has a highly clear definition; it makes that the Spot UV suitable for letters and graphics.

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

Protective, Spot UV also can help to protect your package of, on many occasions, unavoidable problems caused by handling the packaging, by adding an extra layer on the packaging surface.

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

Outstand, One of the greatest advantages of SPOT UV is that it allows outstand a specific part of your packaging making easier to deliver the correct message thought the package.


Environmentally Friendly and Safe, The process doesn’t release VOCs into the atmosphere, as solvent-based coatings do. And because they don’t require the application of heat for the drying process and are cured through the application of UV light, less energy is used in their application.

Extra Tips:

SPOT UV could be applied to almost every surface! As an extra tip, we will recommend applying it over Matte finish surfaces, this amplifies the shinny effect making it more noticeable.

We also recommended avoiding the use of SPOT UV in too thin materials.

Spot UV He Tien Package Co.

Need help with SPOT UV treatment ?  Contact us! we are experts in all surface treatments. 

Holiday Packaging, Christmas

We are all agreeing in that November is a big ignored month, most of as count: Halloween, Christmas, and the year is over!

Although we would like to be solidary with this month, actually since first day we are already looking forward for the awesome designs of Christmas.

We love this time of the year in which everything get a special touch, and we all are allow to add lights, colors and beautiful designs everywhere.

This year, more than ever, Christmas season is expected to be the most heated time for the majority of e-commerce brands.
and there is a big question floating in everyone heads: How to stand out among the competence? If you want to solve this question keep reading!

Timing, when it is about a big season like Christmas most of the companies start to prepare months before, did you know that even there is the expression: “Christmas on July”, making reference to the extra time of anticipation to prepare for the big event.

But don’t be panic! Of course in this case the sooner the better, but you also can find companies specialize in packaging and design that can help you to save money and time preparing a Christmas artwork for your brand. By the way we are one of those companies! Check our STRUCTURAL AND GRAPHIC DESIGN  service.

Remember, big season requires smart preparation!

Pro tip Order with anticipation will help you to avoid peak seasons, get lower prices and avoid run out of stock 

The Budget, One of the first things to do with your packaging is set the budget,

For it we have to talk first about why implement a holiday packaging is an investment for your brand. Packaging itself its essential to your product, it protects, influences the purchasing process, build brand and mediates in the relation between the brand, the customer and the product.

Holiday packaging adds to it some extra advantages:

-Refresh the
image of your brand

-Enhance the

-Boost your

Now that you know the benefits let’s talk about budget.

There is no necessary to spend a fortune customizing your packaging, in fact to limit the budget could help you to avoid overloading your packaging. First step make sure you invest in the correct material and size. Safety is an essential duty of packaging.

Here are some tricks to customize without spend all your budget

Gift Tag, A simple tag with a holiday related message could make a big difference for your costumers.

Pro Tip Play with the typography and includes some surface treatments to add luxury to it! 

Stickers, Minimalist it’s a great trend! A simple design with a Christmas sticker could be an interesting and outstanding option.

Ready To give, We all appreciate saving some time, if we can buy something ready to put under the Christmas tree, it is a great plus!   

Pro Tip Use the colors of Christmas, this help to send the clear message that your brand is directly related with the holiday

Ribbons, are without a doubt the statement of a gift, add them to your design is a good way to include holiday! 

Print inside the box, One of the best things of Christmas is to get surprise, add a holiday related print message inside and boost the excitement of your costumer. 

Take risks! Among all the option the best way to out stand is to be different. Make sure to make of your packaging memorable.

Pro Tip, we are experts! Contact us

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021

There are many important things to take care of lately without a doubt environment, is one of the hot topics that industries and societies around the world must handle and start to act about it with more compromise. 


This important task also touches the packaging industry and proposes, to it, face the challenges of reducing waste, the use of eco-friendly material, and the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Those will be the essential guidelines to define the packaging trends during 2021. 

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

The packaging industry is wide and varied. The beverage packaging industry answers to specific necessities. It must be sure to protect the liquid product inside without change its characteristics, make sure to keep the product in its best qualities, and of course, must protect the consumer’s health. 


The beverage packaging industry is expected to grow during the next year. 

Usually, the common material used for beverage packaging goes from rigid plastic to flexible plastics, paper board, rigid metal, glass, closures, and labels, with types as bottles, cans, pouches, and carton. Here are the expected trends for 2021, 

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Aluminum Cans, aluminum is a great material for beverages; some of its characteristics are, 


-Strong protection 

-The ability of been recycled over and over again

-High level of versatility

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.
Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Paper Straws, Plastic straws had been a controversial point during last years, paper straws seem like a popular and sustainable option.


Although this option is still a single-use article, and we all know it’s not the greenest solution ever, it is still a big step in the reduction of plastic. 


Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Interactive packaging, The irruption of technology in our daily life is not a secret for anyone, and the packaging industry does not escape from it. That’s why the use of interactive packaging is expected to be a trend during next year. 

In fact, in the last year, the use of AR in packaging has increased from 120% with a significant impact in the young community, offering engagement through experiences as games, music, and recipes. 

Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021 He Tien Package Co.

Despite the trends remember, when is about beverage packaging, 

  1. The right beverage packaging will always depend and must consider the type of drink. 
  2. Must to protect and offer a good, easy, and practical experience to the customer. 
  3. Make it eco-friendly! Do it for the planet; do it for you. 
  4. Contact Us! We are experts 

Domino’s and the pizza box

Let’s imagine that you are at home, outside is raining and you are prepared for movies evening at home, of course, movies need appropriate food, and then is when you make the call to order pizza.

That is maybe common scenery, everyone loves pizza. But this wasn’t always like that; it was just after the II world war than pizza became popular for its convenience, and of course, its delicious flavor. Currently, on average, there are 61.269 pizza shops, approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the USA, and around 1 billion of them are delivered in the famous cardboard packaging box. 

Domino's and the pizza box He Tien Package Co.

There was a time before the box in which pizza was delivered in “Stufas” made of copper, to keep the pizza hot until the deliver, this deliver way born in Italy, but wasn’t popular in USA.

Domino's and the pizza box He Tien Package Co.

The “Stufas” were replaced by paperboard pizza boxes. However, the material was not suitable to support the classic moisture of the pizza, was then when Tom Monaghan, Domino’s founder, creates in the ’60s, the first corrugated cardboard pizza box.


 In his autobiography “pizza tiger” Domino’s founder writes about the development of the corrugated pizza container with a company called Triad. 

Monaghan made pizza boxes were extra-durable and insulated. That meant he could deliver an entire stack of pizzas to a group of college kids without the stack collapsing and making a saucy, cheesy mess, and it also meant those pizzas were still going to be hot when they got there. It was a winning combination.

The new box offers enhanced strength and insulation to keep the pizza hotter longer.

Domino's and the pizza box He Tien Package Co.

The pizza box is, without a doubt, iconic, an essential part of any takeout experience. 

We even could say that the pizza box is one of the most famous food packaging.

60 years later,  the pizza box remains largely unchanged.

The final lesson, the package has the potential to change the story of your business.

Get in touch!

Fun fact

Monaghan made his first delivery from a new store he’d set up in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The order was to a dormitory at Central Michigan University. When Monaghan arrived, the woman working at the reception desk, Margie, caught his eye. They were married the following year, and Margie Monaghan worked with Domino’s for decades.

Domino's and the pizza box He Tien Package Co.

Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most recognized packagings in the world. 


Of course, it was not always like it. In the begging, the bottle was a straight-sided Hutchinson bottle with a metal stopper. 


Going backwards the famous soft drink started as a soda fountain beverage, selling for 5 cents a glass. Was just until the creation of a strong bottling system that Coca Cola become the world-famous brand that we all today know.

Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola He Tien Package Co.
Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola He Tien Package Co.

It perfectly fits with one of the biggest tasks of packaging: Build the brand and generate recognition. 

The story of the unique bottle starts from the necessity of differentiating the beverage from the others, following one statement that, in huge part, summarizes the importance of packaging: “We are not building Coca Cola alone for today; we are building Coca Cola forever.

In 1915, 10 glass companies across the U.S. receive the challenge to develop “a bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feels it in the dark, or laying broken on the ground.” 


One of the companies, the Root Glass Company, received the task, and through the illustration of a cocoa bean, the distinctive shape of the bottle was born. 

Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola He Tien Package Co.

Since then, the bottle became famous. By 1961, the bottle was recognized as a trademark. Most importantly, by 1949, a study confirmed that 99% of Americans were able to identify the bottle just by its shape. 

Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola He Tien Package Co.

Beyond the market, the Coca Cola bottle is also part of the culture. Salvador Dali was one of the first famous painters to get inspiration from the bottle and includes it in his work, in the paint: Poetry of America in 1943. 


The bottle was also part of fashion movements like the “Hobble-Skirt.” and as the description of famous icons like “Mae West.” the bottle was also part of the first commercial product to appear on the cover of the Times magazine. 

The bottles have had many changes through the Coca-Cola story, coming in different presentations and adding features. Currently, the challenge is to make the packaging eco- friendly to avoid generating waste. 

There is a lot to say about the incredible efficient marketing strategy of Coca-Cola’s company, but, without a doubt, the unique packaging had been in big part responsible for the success of the beverage. 


Iconic Packaging: Coca-Cola He Tien Package Co.

And that is the perfect example of iconic packaging, take the product to a whole new level, making it recognizable, different, and unique. 


Are you looking for something iconic? Get in contact!