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We measure the size in centimeter (cm), with Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H). If you provide your size to us using inch, please note in the inquiry.

No, we do not offer in-stock paper bags.
The MOQ for the customized paper bag is 1000pcs. If you are looking for paper bags with the quantity lower than 1000pcs, Amazon might be your best choice.

Arrange all the products that you would like to pack in front of your eyes, arrange the way that you want to put in the bag, now you’ve got the paper bag size you want. Remember to double check on the size, and provide us in the order of Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H).

There are a lot of different kinds of paper, and the most common paper types are – Kraft Paper, White Kraft Paper, Coated Paper, Art paper, and Cardboard Paper

Usually, 100g Kraft paper can bear 1kg (1000g) of product weight. 125g Kraft paper can bear approximately 2.5kg of weight, and 150g Kraft paper can bear 3kg or above weight. And stop here, no one wants to carry more than 3kg to shop around.

Don’t. The thickness of the paper is not “the thicker the better”, mainly we will need to take a look of the weight of the products. While we want to enhance our product value, we still want to keep our packaging environmentally friendly. Using paper that is too thick for the product increases the cost, also cause unnecessary waste. The main point of the thickness of paper is always – how to let the consumer easily carry them (with your product) out but not causing any burden.

Based on the same printing condition – Kraft paper costs the less, then White Kraft paper, then the art paper, lastly the coated paper cost the most.

It is natural. Perfect fit for brands emphasize natural and environmental friendly. We recommend printing with 1-2 colors, and go with the twisted handles. Twisted handles are light and made by paper, 100% recyclable.

Obviously, it’s white. White paper can be printed with multiple colors without being affected. But White Kraft paper is uncoated, and the ink will be absorbed by the paper fiber – the Chroma and saturation would not be as sharp as printed on coated paper.

Colors printed on coated paper are sharp and beautiful, but it costs the most because it will need other post-process. For post-process, we can choose matte or gloss lamination to protect the printing, and add spot UV, foil stamping, etc. to enhance the texture of the paper bag.

We have twisted paper handles, cotton handles, ribbon handles, hemp rope handles, and more. Let us know if you have other types of handles in your mind.

There are a lot of post-process that we can choose for paper bag, the plastic film is called lamination, and it protects the colors printed on the paper, and made the bag more durable. There are matte and gloss lamination, matte lamination, and the differences between them are matte absorbs light while gloss reflects it.

That’s Spot UV. We recommend doing Spot UV with matte lamination. Without the matte lamination, the Spot UV would be absorbed by the fiber and will not come out well.

Usually with the bags within 40cm of the length, it goes with the 31cm cotton rope handle well. But if it is a squared paper bag, the length of the handle will needed to be adjusted.

No, there’s only one fixed length for the twisted handle.

By handmade – Having labors folding each bag, a lot of boutique or products with high price will use this bag.

By machine – There are two kinds of machine, fully automatic or semi-automatic. Only paper bags with twisted paper handle could be do with fully automatic machine. If you are considering using cotton handle, ribbon handle, hemp rope handle, after checking on the paper thickness and size, most of the paper bags we can do semi-automatic.

Most of the paper bag does not requires a die-cut, unless the paper thickness is thicker than 0.25mm or if it has a special design, then die-cut is needed.

With the die-cut, the folding lines could be more beautiful and less deviation. Disadvantage of having a die-cut is, there will be a tooling and cutting fee for it, which will cause higher cost for the box. But it is a perfect choice for exquisite, high-quality paper bags

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