Starbucks, a Coffee Cup,

Starbucks has over 31.000 stores worldwide, with 400.000 partners serving 100 million customers a week; there is not a mystery why Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands over the world. It is not a risky bet to say that you probably had tried the coffee there if that is the case you may remember the cup, and of course behind the package, there is a story, 

An innovation Story, Starbucks cup had been an icon on innovation since 1997. This year the brand introduces the cup sleeve, it might not sound like a big deal but, the piece of cardboard used to absorb heat and allow grip the coffee cup helps to finish the old practice of the double-cupping, with a significant positive environmental impact. Currently, cup sleeves keep been a common factor in coffee cup packaging.

In 2006 the Starbucks cup was the first one to get approved by the U.S. food and drug administration whit is 10 % post-consumption recycled fiber paper cups. 

A Customization Story, One of the signatures of the experience, in the Starbucks coffee shop, is to get your cup with your name on it. This simple customization trick is a key to the success of the brand, a simple message “this cup is specifically for you” that has a huge impact on the customer’s brain

A Holidays Story, One of the signs that holiday is coming, is the coming back of the Starbucks red holiday cups. Holidays customizing packaging is an effective and strong marketing tool; it enhances emotional purchase, gives freshness into the product, and brings renewal to the brand. 

Holidays features are commonly used in the Starbucks cups, last year’s official cup names: Polka dots / Merry Dance / Merry Stripes / Candy Cane Stripes! Read more, emotional market  


A Going Green Story, 

 By 2030, Starbucks will aim to reduce carbon
emissions by 50 percent; reduce waste sent to landfills from stores and
manufacturing by 50 percent, driven by a broader shift toward a circular
economy; and will also conserve or replenish 50 percent of the water currently
being used for direct operations and coffee production,

The advantages of going green 

And a Story Outside the coffee shop, Mike Peck, the Starbucks’ creative director of packaging, was clear about Starbucks idea about packaging: The bag has the difficult task of communicating the Ethos of the brand, the bag is the link, a Storytelling medium that should help in the first matter task: Select the correct coffee style. 

The package evolves at the same time at the product, potentially a package can communicate, help, share, identify, enhance, and protect the product. 

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