The Power of Customizing

People always change that is a fact, but in marketing, it’s not just a fact, it’s also a strategy. 


You may know about Starbucks; you enter, make your order, and wait until someone calls you by your name with your drink ready.

From the customer side, you may think that it’s so simple, just to put your name in the cup, but it is not, and this is why:

Marketing understands that currently, it’s really important for everyone feels different; realize that you are not an anonymous client. When Starbucks put your name in the cup is sending to you a powerful message: This drink it’s for you, not for everyone, not for others just for you; answering to one of the characteristics of people in this time all of us want to feel special, recognized.

After Starbucks, other companies as Coca Cola or Nutella started to customize their products, using popular names in their packages or giving to the client the opportunity to make their label.

Those simple tricks can help you to increase sells. There is a common factor in those tricks, always came through the package, that’s why it’s so important to know how powerful could be your package!

Let us customized your product

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