packaging And Branding: How To Spread Your message

Think about the package as a tool, and as every tool, if you use it correctly packaging could mean the success of your product. 

How to use packaging correctly? There are a lot of ways and too many factors to consider; one of them it’s to share a message, trough the packaging you could tell a story, show the personality of your brand, show to your client who you are, and tell the story behind the product that they are buying. 

Poop bags it’s a company dedicated to selling animal wasted bags. The packaging that they are using represents the funny personality of the brand and stands out the environmental compromise of their products. In the packaging, you could find the bio-friendly materials of the product, the “saving the world since 2003” quote, useful to let the client feel secure about the trajectory of the brand and reinforce the positive eco-friendly aspect, social media information, the use of colors, green and carton plain related to ecological materials and black related to luxury and quality products, finally, the sentence US PATENT PENDING, indicates to the consumer that this is a unique and innovative product.  

Through the packaging the brand is saying: there it’s a problem that maybe sounds funny, and here it’s a solution also funny, environmentally responsible, and innovative, follow us and help us to save the planet.

For its 25 anniversary, Chipotle, in a minimalistic way, use the packaging to show a timeline, sharing their story through time with their customers. in commemoration of the special 25th birthday without letting outside the brand’s logo. And highlighting one of their special events: GM-Over it, to let the consumer knows the no use of transgenic in the product.

The packaging of Stories of Greek origins, extra virgin olive oil, show that the identity of the brand is based on illustrations about traditional agricultural activities from Greece “The illustrations are inspired from traditional folk art, using repetitive elements to form a pattern, adding a retro feeling, while every illustration is made using a maximum of 3 colors, by overlaying colors.”

There are too many ways to tell a story using product packagings. Have clear the message you want to tell, keep it simple, do it uniquely, and be loyal to your brand values. 

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