What is emotional marketing?

Did you know that 85% of purchasing decisions are emotional? Connecting with emotions is no longer an option; it is the solution to differentiate you from the rest.

Marketing seeks to build clear, coherent and persuasive messages and strategies to capture the attention and interest of a client even if they are not thinking on acquiring our product. However, in an era full of constant impulses, the most effective marketing is the one that feels, the one that touches you, the one that makes you smile, the one that impacts or moves you. That is, the one that vibrates on the same frequency as you.

Emotional marketing are all those communicative strategies that stimulate affective relationships between a brand and the final consumer, the purpose is make customers love your product or service. Coca-Cola, and its spark of life, Apple and its garage, Mc Donald’s and its I’m loving it, or Starbucks and all its experiential staging, which starts by addressing customers by name. They are clear examples of emotional marketing; where the costumer is at the center of the brand.

However, captivate, love and excite customers is not only an objective for large companies, startups can also try Emotional Marketing to attract new customers through the generation of strategies that respond to the interests, behaviors, language, etc. of the target market, in this way it is easier to motivate feelings around the brand, creating successful experiences that lead to a Lovemark

There are 3 main elements to use in emotional marketing:

  1. Storytelling: Every brand or business hides memorable stories that must be told, these stories can convey a specific messages to the client, with morals, insights or reflections that allow you to know more about the brand without this being the protagonist of the story.
  1. Branding : is the interpretation of the brand through different visual elements. From a logo, to the colors, the chosen typefaces, the packaging, etc. and all of those communication elements offline,
  1. Photographs (or Visual Storytelling): The weight of the visual is very high and many times we give a role of mere accompaniment to our website or texts. But, in fact, many don’t know that if your texts transmit one thing and your photo another , the message of the image is more strength than the text. When it comes to product photography, props, colors, or visual is also essential to transmit some values or other

In short, emotional marketing offers us many benefits. We bring out our most human part, connecting directly with our target market and future potential customers. And, above all, apart from get the loyalty of our customers, this connection allows they recommend us through word –of- mouth advertising

—– Based on the Wow method / Gemma Fillol


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