The icons on design: a scary pumpkin

An icon, in simple terms, is an image that has a symbolic or metaphoric potential to express, communicate, or facilitate interaction. It is a visual symbol. 

We are surrounded by icons, and in the graphic design industry icons are essential to communicate an idea without overload the design.

An icon could improve interaction, could clarify, and of course, could be perfect for entertain and add infinite esthetic possibilities to the design.

About icons make sure that the ones you will use are meaningful, clear, easily recognizable,  easy to remember, and related to your product.

Nowadays icons are everywhere you just need to think in the last time you catch an idea with just saw an image.

The magic of the icons is to be able to generate a reaction, of been related to a profound idea or experience. Some of them are universal and sometimes, even if we easily recognize them, we have no idea what is the story behind the icon.

That could be the case behind one of the most popular horror icons related to our favorite holiday: The Halloween pumpkin.

The scary pumpkin is, without doubts, related to Halloween, but the truth is that pumpkins on Halloween are not the oldest tradition. 

The Jack o’ lanterns have an origin linked to an Irish tradition to keep distracted the spirits from entering into homes and farms.

The tradition is also related to an old story in which Jack and Irish blacksmith, who tricked the devil on many occasions, was denied to enter heaven and hell, instead of it, the devil, returned Jack to the world carrying the burning pumpkin accessory.

The tradition arrives USA with Irish and Scottish migrants.

Besides the story, pumpkins also have some other secrets, they grow all over the world, they are 90% water and the largest pumpkin ever grow weight 1.140 pounds!


Use visual symbols to customize your packaging design! add special features related to holidays is an excellent way to make your packaging stands out! let us help you. We are experts. 

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