Things You Need To Know: Keywords in packaging

We are surrounded by packages; on a regular day, we have contact with more than 50 examples of packaging, and of course this it’s not a random fact, the reasons for that: packaging, and its related keywords, is a matter of huge importance, an important tool to mediate the customer-product relationship. A clear example of it is the cereal box or the milk carton in your kitchen, regular packaging than makes part of the daily life of all of us.

Because of that, it’s a primary matter to use packaging in the best possible way, potentially the packaging has the power to take your product to a new level, make it outstanding, create engage, share a message, give identity, and of course increase the sales.

But when it’s about to create a packaging design you will probably stumble in the road with some unknown terms, that could make the process of creating, decide and follow your packaging design a difficult task. That’s it is why in this article we will explain some of the most common packaging industry keywords that you should know.


Artwork: The logo or design that is created by the designers to be printed on the packaging.

Branding: Process of creating and constituting a brand, relevant for the whole process and design of the packaging.

Coatings: Cover applies to the surface of the material to guarantee adequate conditions to print.

Die Cutting: This process consists in give to the material a desirable shape, first step it’s to create the design (Die), secondly create the cutter guide (Die Line), and finally proceeds to cut the material (Die-Cutting) 


Digital Printing: Printing process through the use of technology to dispense ink linking state-of-the-art printing presses and computers

Offset Printing is the process of printing by indirect image transfer, trough the design of templates. 

Embossing –Debossing: Change the surface of the material could be by adding set off to specific parts of the packaging (Embossing) or its opposite process to add a cleft in it (Debossing)

Folding: Process to add different folds to the material to get and specific shape 

Matte- Glossy lamination: Surface treatment to define the color appearance of the package color, Matte makes reference to tones close to opacity; meanwhile glossy includes strong and bright colors 

Pantone Color charts with over 700 types of preprinted colors of combined inks; It is used to identify, display, or define special “brand” colors.

Have into account these keywords! It will make easier the process to make decisions and to follow up on the updates of your packaging. 

Remember that the package will represent your product before the final printing does not forget to make a sampling process to make sure that the packaging is everything your product deserves.

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