Label and packaging

In the simplest words, the label is the guide sheet of your product; it contains all the information about it. Its main missions are to inform and attract. To accomplish its goal, the label should be visible, clear, readable, and understandable. In this case the label it’s a perfect marketing tool able to generate and strengthen brand identification, describe and promote.

There are four main categories of labeling,

 -Grade, it pretends to stand out the quality of the product or specials features through a qualification.

-Descriptive, it presents general aspects and correct use.

-Brand, it focused on increase recognizes rate and develop engagement.

-Informative, it contains detailed descriptions about, legal, technical and commercial issues.

As in every matter of the packaging industry, labeling requires a high level of knowledge between the customer-brand-product interactions, a label contains all the information that the client requires, and it should help the client to understand the product, to recognize it. 

The labels are one of the most flexible parts of the package; it has no limitations in shape, color, or material, allowing, through good design, generate a huge impact on the customer.

But labeling not just allows your product to differentiate from others; it also helps you to make a difference between variations in the features of your product, a change in color, shape or the surface treatment, could allow to the client get the knowledge about the different characteristics that your brand can offer.

At the moment of design your label, remember:

 -Be clear: One of the main goals of labels is informing, use the label to communicate to your client, have in mind: what are you offering? Why is your product different from the others? 

-Everything is about design: Take the advantage of the label and create unique designs, between hundreds of products, could your product out stand?  

-Don’t forget the requirements: To take care of the customer, some industries must contain specific information on the labels, remember to make sure that you are following the rule!

-Be careful the label must communicate clearly; the misinformation could lead to misleading advertising that generates irreparable damage to the brand. 

When it comes to packaging every detail counts, take your packaging to another level adding the right label! Let us help you; we are experts.

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