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My friend recently chased a cartoon album called “Bake King”, which is a Japanese cartoon album, mainly about the plot of baking bread (I am not a cartoon fan). In short, I heard the main character of the album is called “Hema”. I asked my friend, do you know which bakery shop is called Hema Baking?  My friend thought about it for some minutes and he said no, then I told him “the bakery where you buy the garlic bread you like very much at the night market” My friend said that he had eaten many times and even he spent until 40 minutes in that place, but he did not notice it at all!

This shop is located in the night market doesn’t have a gorgeous decoration or a beautifully designed product packaging, but you can feel the smell of their bread 50 meters away. For “Hema baking”, the “scent” of freshly baked bread is its only weapon, but it is a pity, apparently, that’s not enough to the costumers remind “who are them” after they leave the night market

From this story, we can re-verify that a good product cannot be used without a good “appearance”. Let the consumer keep in mind your business! To achieve brand positioning and remembrance is also very important to create a good brand name. The brand name is not only to represent the founder’s character (perhaps “Hema Baking” boss is also a cartoon fan, Who knows?) as well as goods and the impression you hope to convey to the consumer, there are several very academic theoretical branches about the brand, and there is time for the follow-up, then slowly fill it up, let us focus on the product packaging + brand name. The brand name must be strong enough to be associated with the product, and the product must has an appropriate packaging, in this way the consumer can keep such a product or brand In their mind

And I have always felt that the product packaging and brand name often find themselves confronted with a chicken and egg problem. Is the brand name first attracting consumers’ attention to get the product and its package?  Or is product packaging first attracting consumers’ attention to try the brand?


How do you think?

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