Inclusive packaging: a matter of access

Sometimes it is not easy to open a jar, or a tightly wrapped cardboard, sometimes the package is not clear enough, and even with instructions we open it or use it incorrectly. Currently, most of the time, the purchasing process for a person with a disability becomes an impossible task. Even sometimes we could experience identity-related issues due to the color, instructions, or label on a package.  According to that, inclusive packaging becomes day by day, a primary topic in the packaging industry.

The reason for this is that packaging is a matter of primary importance; it is the means of interaction between customers, the brand, and

the product.

Inclusive packaging is all about access, making the product accessible, understandable, and clear to everyone.

Consider one of the most important packaging tasks; communicate clearly while responding to product and customer needs. Remembering that social equality requires allowing equal access.

But also considering that inclusion implies maintaining a deep commitment, it should become a matter of identity for companies, in which the package becomes a tool to guarantee and allow access for everyone.

 Then, how to make your packaging more inclusive? Here are three simple tips you can implement.


  1. Make it easy to open: In general, people prefer easy-open packaging, also for the elderly, and for those with some mobility-related problems, an easy-open package could be a huge advantage. This is one step you can implement to make your package inclusive, just remember to have a balance between easy to open and safe.


  1. Add embossing: Embossing could be a perfect way to make your product accessible to the visually impaired population.                                                                                                                   
  2. Eliminate and avoid gender symbols, don’t label your product, your customers are all different. Generating labels could marginalize groups and limit your product.

Nowadays, inclusion needs to be a top issue, that’s why the packaging industry needs to remove the focus from design aimed at the masses and focus on design aimed at inclusion.

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