COVID and the packaging industry

The current events had affected how all of us do business. The packaging industry, of course, is not the exception to this, COVID had several implications in the development of the packaging industry; how had it been affected?

Currently, the increasing necessity to cover is safeties, in terms of clean and sanity. That’s why the industry has been affected in different ways; the impact on food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging is low in comparison with the beauty and travel sector. 

COVID lessons to the packaging industry,

Sustainable packaging in risk, due to the sanitary relation of the virus, reusable packaging has decreased and is projected a possible risk on sustainable package development. Currently, the plastic package of one use is getting stronger, as well as pre-packed items. The trend is changing from lees is more to the selection of moreover less.  

It is necessary to slow down and reevaluate the importance of sustainable packages and start to propose sustainable alternatives that accomplish and guarantee safety demand. 

E-commerce rise, One of the biggest conclusions of this unprecedented situation is the high importance of the Internet and his big influence in the market. e-commerce was a strong alternative before the virus, and know is clear that many businesses will definitely migrate to online space, the demand for e-commerce packaging as the first real contact between the client and the product has an essential role in the branding process.

Food delivery, companied by e-commerce rise, food delivery platforms had had a rise. In terms of packaging, the industry must focus on developing a practical and safe package that allows easy delivery, save products, and sustainable use. 

Supply chain, Close borders have made us a question about supply chains and think in a possible a back to the local. For the packaging industry, it means to start to innovate in the way in which production works, and develops alternatives that allow the flow uninterrupted of the cooperation and work with companies around the world. 

Business-as-usual must be re-imagining, the packaging industry needs to take the lessons from COVID-19 to build a new way to conceive and design packaging.

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