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Social media is currently an important matter, it no just sharing about our lives; social media is now a powerful business tool and an ally for all kinds of companies. 

 Social media is huge! Since the first steps of social media, we all knew it will be an important matter, but none could predict how social media will influence and transform societies. It is not just about sharing a post, social media contains how we want to be seen by the others, the way we socialize, shop, share, get related, and of course, more now than ever, how we make business. 

Some of the reasons why social media is powerful are, 

* We all have access to social media

* We all are in social media

                              * We all can take advantage of social media 


And of course, the packaging industry is not exempt from this. For the packaging industry, social media had had a huge impact, for us that impact can be identified in specific areas: Design and experience.


Packaging now must be designed for been share, create a big impact with the main purpose of getting viral. This is one of the greatest aspects of social media, everyone can share a post; the customer becomes the marketer.  

It is important to think about: how the color is going to look on a digital screen? How it’s going to look through a Smartphone device? What makes it worthy to be share? 

Here are some tips for a good social media packaging design 

  •  – Be unique 
  • – Be different 
  • – Do not overload the package 
  • – Be clear 


Thought social media, more than a product, you are selling an experience, that’s why is so important to keep in mind the definition of your target client, the different channels of exposition and the importance of emotions, In packaging, the experience now should be beyond the traditional idea of the packaging as limited to the product safeties; the customizing process, the ability of surprise and to be different are highly valuables.

One of the clearest examples is the growing trend of unboxing videos. 

Check other ideas to improve your social media marketing

Social media implies rethink the industry, adjust, and use it as an advantage to make your product outstanding. 

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