Climate change, global warm, waste? These topics have become more relevant currently and should be like that. Now it’s not about if there is a problem with contamination now everything is about how to solve it.

Sustainable package has become one of the trends in the packaging industry in the last years, but what is sustainable packaging? You may think that the answer it’s so obvious, a kind of package made with biodegradable material, well that’s true, but it’s a little bit more complex, for been sustainable a package must be designed having into account some conditions.
  • Think about the goal: REDUCE, RECYCLE or, REUSE this is an important issue.  Reduce makes you consider the amount of no biodegradable material that you are using in your package and how to replace them. For recycle, keep in mind the separability process, labeling, coloration, and clearness of the package. And finally, reuse must make you think about a long term packaging.
  • Efficiency: The package must be efficient it means it has to work, complement perfectly the product, and protect it.
  • Design: The package still must to be catching and innovating and remember that the customer it’s the key, after you pick your goal make sure to enable all customers to get the message about your sustainable package.
  • Cost: The price of your package needs to be competitive to allow that your product doesn’t have a disadvantage compared with other products of the same category.

As you can see, It’s a little bit more complex than just about materials, but look at it closer sustainable package could be an advantage to make outstanding your product in the supermarket showcases meanwhile help to save the planet! If you want proofs here are some examples:  

Conscious Chocolate’s compostable packaging “Home compostable because we love our planet, organic ingredients because we love you”.

Roberts Bakery’s recyclable wrappers: Rise up, against the plastic!

We care, that’s why we don’t use plastic in our packages. In our catalog, you could find sustainable packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info!

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