The famous can: Warhol and Campbell’s

We bet that you can recognize this famous can. After all, the same Andy Warhol recognized the Campbell’s Soup can, as his favorite work, and is one of the most representative works of the Pop art movement. 

The art based on this iconic package starts with a simple suggestion of a Warhol’s friend: “paint something that everybody can recognize, like a Campbell’s soup” This suggestion leads to the creation of a set of projections of the cans traced onto canvas and hand-painted, the original ‘batch’ of soup cans, a work, that was exhibited for the first time at a gallery in Los Angeles, creating a big sensation in the art world. 

What is beyond the paint?

Although the soup was already known, the painting immortalized it along with its 32 different flavors, turning it into an iconic package. 

Beyond the paint, Campbell’s soup can have something to teach us:

The importance of being recognizable

One of the most important tasks of the packaging is to create engagement. For it, the packaging needs to be memorable; sometimes a simple and clear message is the best way to communicate. 


to be iconic is not necessary to create an incredible intricate packaging. Been an iconic package is about to represent and promote a product in the best possible way, is about to become a symbol. 

Cans matter, 

Tin cans are an ideal package for food, easy to transport, and with the advantage of the airtight packaging, that allows preserving food fresh and extends shelf life, when is about of packaging the material and the shape have an essential role, make sure that decision you take to make your product out stand, remember to have into account been practical to select the material and been suitable to choose the shape. 

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