e-commerce: two essential tasks

Technology is a part of our lives, buy online is each day a more common and practical activity. It is as simple as picking a product, write some info and wait. 


The e-commerce packaging has then double responsibility on one side it must make sure that the product is going to be delivered in the best possible conditions, which means the package must be secure and suitable.

What could be wrong if your packaging can’t accomplish the first task?

An insecure packaging could lead to the damage of the product it means tan after wait for some days the client is going to get a product unable to accomplish their expectations, and there is more, it also means increased costs for returning products, and of course will cause damage in the client’s perception about the brand. The probability that the client makes a new purchase is considerably low.

At this point, not just security is essential to create good packaging; it is also necessary the suitability, a package accord to the product needs.

This implies for the client that you know your product, which you have compromise avoiding waste, and of course, a suitable package means also lower cost of productions.

On the other side the e-commerce packaging represents the first physical contact between a client and the product; here is when every detail matters. 

There are many in which your e-commerce package can become an incredible advantage to take the first impression to the next level. E-commerce packaging has the potential to generate loyalty, identity, excitement, and engagement.

How to get this second task? There are some low-cost big benefit tips, 

– Customize, Let that your client feel exclusive, something as simple as adding a name, a customized card, or a sticker could make a big difference.  

– Make it unique, take the risk to play with shapes, colors, textures, add panels, and make it stand out.  

– Think in advance, 

Be practical, and think about how it is going to be the unboxing process, and make it easier, and add useful details. 

– Let emotions act, 

Use the package to share your story, make that your client feels close to your bran. Don’t forget to use the power of emotions, the sensation of open a box it’s a big plus of online shopping.

Let us help you! We are experts!  

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