Awesome Packaging – Our teams top 5 picks!

Packaging is such an integral part of our future and modern society. Although, In our opinion, it’s often overlooked or taken for granted. The majority of modern packaging is designed not only for practical use, but to stand out from the crowd, to identify completely with the product it is made for, and from a retail packaging perspective, to sell. The most successful companies and corporations understand how truly engaging packaging design can cleverly grab consumer’s attention and can be used a means of advertising in itself. It has evolved massively during the last century, into a vast industry and continues to influence our modern society to this day.

Chaotic and fast paced as life is, clever and eye catching packaging is there to cut through its competitors and grab people’s attention above all else. Humor and interactive elements are also used and are increasing rapidly across industries. Now more than ever, sustainability is a buzzword among modern companies and ECO-friendly packaging and ideas are making a stand.

For our team here at He Tien Package Co, we have taken these factors into account, and come up with our favorite recent packaging finds.

1. Clever Packaging - Doughnut Box

This awesome Doughnut packaging design comes from 2 Swedish designers that have developed a super convenient, easy-to-use donut packaging. It individually wraps each doughnut and then distributes a wet wipe with each serving. So cool..

Not only are they cool to look at, but also very practical. The design also allows for them to be stacked up to 8 times for maximum convenience. 

2. Funny Packaging - Moustache Paintbrush

We are big fans of this hilarious and creative paintbrush packaging design choice. Utilizing the practical design of the product itself, in this case, a brush into a humorous, eye-catching, and descriptive packaging idea. 

Being able to use the product effectively as the focus of the packaging instead of the just the packaging design is a fresh take on modern packaging design and something we believe should be used more often!

3. Interactive Packaging - Squeezable Wine Box

Making packaging interactive is not only resourceful but also fun to use. The idea that packaging isn’t only an outside protective layer but a useful part of the product is something we value at He Tien Package Co. This squeezable win box is a perfect example. It looks cool, its usefulness is simple yet extremely clever and also doesn’t take away from the product’s use and function. This wine box would also make a nice conversation starter at parties!

4. ECO Friendly Packaging

The importance of ECO-friendly packaging cannot be understated. At He Tien Package Co, we always try to promote its cause and make sure it is used wherever possible. Thankfully, companies and retails throughout the world are embracing ECO-Friendly packaging and increasing its use, helping to reduce the damaging impact of waste in the environment. We believe this change is increasing and has come about by the huge hype and demand made by consumers. So let’s keep recycling, using ECO-friendly materials for our packaging, and make for a better future!

5. Elegant Packaging Design - Beauty Product

This is a super elegant design for a beauty product by Echo Beach. It caught our eye due to its effortlessly stylish design and simplicity. The classic typography, sophisticated matte material, and spacing of text make for a beautiful luxury packaging design. 5 stars! 

These inspirational packaging design ideas help us to deliver the quality of design and professionalism that He Tien Package Co provides. Check out our products here! or get in touch for an instant quote!

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