Do You Like Icecream? – Ben and Jerry’s Fascinating Story

Ben and Jerry’s is a brand that is well known worldwide. Loved by many as one of the tastiest ice creams available, and praised for their ECO friendly work practices that are still on the increase. Food packaging in general has a reputation as being disposed of as waste rather than reused, recycled or composted. Ben and Jerry’s embraced a change in this and aims to achieve a 100% transition to totally recyclable packaging by 2025. This makes them one of our packaging heroes of the future

Humble beginnings

Starting their business venture in 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened their first ice cream parlor in Burlington with an investment of $12000. By 1983, they had multiple stores and retail deals. This was due to their focused vision and creativity. Through-out their careers, finding ways to embrace ECO friendliness and ways to recycle the materials used. 

Eye catching packaging

A signature part of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream is there genius packaging design. They theme each of their flavours with unique packaging and names such as ‘Empower-mint’ and ‘Save our Swirled’. They visual design alone is also extremely attractive and usually consists of green fields, cows and blue skies, conjuring up images of dairy products and nature. They have been an influence on our product designs for many years. 

ECO Friendly

Ben and Jerry’s use many methods to promote Eco friendly working practices such as stopping the use of plastic straws and spoons at their worldwide scoop shops. As well as announcing a plan to address plastic cups and lids used to serve ice cream by the end of 2020. Single use plastic is the issue and Ben and Jerry are one of the companies that are taking action and helping to support a better future. 

  • 08/2018 – Scoop Shops will ensure that plastic straws are available by request only. Many Scoop Shops has already started to embrace plastic alternatives by this time.
  • 9/4/2019 – Scoop Shops will make sure they have completed the transition to wooden spoons. Paper straws will be available by request only.
  • By the end of 2020 – Ben & Jerry’s will ensure they have secured an alternative to clear plastic cups, plastic-lined cups and plastic lids.

All in all, Ben and Jerry’s are inspiring change. Which makes them extremely favourable among our team at He Tien Packaging Co. 

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