The Future Of Packaging

What's in store for the future of packaging?

The future of packaging seems to be bright in many ways. After a turbulent 2020, COVID 19  affecting not only packaging but pretty much every industry on the planet. 2021 is so far unfolding fairly steadily, we have yet to see what it holds for us but looking to the future gives us a glimpse of packaging modernizing and changing for the better.

We can also say with confidence that packaging will play a huge role in our modern world. From e-commerce packaging, ECO friendly packaging and a vast increase in home deliveries, companies are starting to make encouraging changes across the board.



To look upon the future of packaging positively, it reveals an opportunity for change, and to fade out the use of non-sustainable packaging and plastics. Fortunately, the trend indicates that companies and consumers are taking an interest in Sustainable Packaging and actively taking part in a cleaner future for packaging. According to Survey Monkey, 35% of consumers would prefer to pay more for ECO friendly packaging.

ECO Friendly

More and more Companies are starting to embrace ECO friendly packaging. Partly due to the expectation of consumers. The use of ECO friendly materials are on the increase among packaging companies which will therefore, support the need for flexible, lightweight and portable products. Compostable packaging is also an area which is likely to expand, According to Dairy Reporter in the UK alone, more and more consumers would rather get rid of plastic packaging and promote the use of compostable packaging.

Reshaping and Modernizing

Packaging takes many forms and continues to evolve with technological advancement and consumer demands. Custom-made and Unique Packaging is an ever-increasing market and has the potential to evolve alongside this industry. Consumer demand calls for convenience but also customized packaging that benefits the needs of E-commerce worldwide.

This evolving landscape also carries over into storing and transporting and space-saving an industry notorious for non-ECO-friendly practices. There is a huge opportunity here for space-saving techniques and waste reduction. The concept of square and rectangle packaging already benefits the space problem and allows for easier stacking and storage, most notably in the drinks and beverage industries.

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