Unboxing experience, Why And How

The unboxing experience is exactly as it sounds: The act of unpacking a product, but, as everything related to the packaging industry, it means much more. The unboxing experience is designed to remind the customer of the same excitement of open a gift, a sensation that all of us love. That emotion is the reason behind the rising success of the unboxing trend. Why and how become a part of the unboxing trend experience?


The package will be the first real contact between your customer and your product; it means that the packaging it’s the first chance that you have to show to your client, tangibly, what makes you different from the others. Make it memorable! Increase the perceived value, and create engagement.

Additionally, Unboxing Also Helps You To Share A Message, Use This Powerful Tool To Share The Story Of Your Brand, Show To Your Clients Who You Are; It Will Help To Drive Customer Loyalty. 

Without a doubt, social media matters, and an unboxing experience could easily become a social trending, currently, the number of videos dedicated to unboxing is huge, take the opportunity to go viral, and reach potential new markets, trough effective, and free advertising.  https://www.oberlo.com/blog/youtube-statistics 


Create a perfect unboxing experience requires some essential rules, 

  1.   Firstly, Make it yours, make sure that your box is recognizable, that is instantly related to you; for that keep in mind the use of the branded package.
  1.  Then, Think inside, outside and about the box, make it unique, for this, play with different materials, colors, and sizes, but think about the needs of your product, don’t make it too big, avoid waste, be practical and creative.
  2. Additionally, do not forget the experience; how it’s going to be the first impression? Is it easy to open? Is it clear? Does the product have enough protection? Is it exciting? Is it something to share? Is it different? 

4. And customize, it matters, something as simple as adding an inside print, a custom printed sleeve, a handmade insert, or a sticker labels, could make your client feel special, adding the advantage that these options can be unique and cheap! 

 To learn more about emotional market read our blog https://www.htpackagings.com/what-is-emotional-marketing/;

Be part of the unboxing trend experience! Build your brand, share your message, be unique, and increase your sales. We are  experts https://www.htpackagings.com/contact-us/ contact us!

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