Typography and packaging

In its more basic meaning, typography is the technique of arranging letters , you may have heard the saying “a picture worth more than thousands of words” but when it is about packages it may not be true, in the packaging world a well-written word can mean a successful packaging and an increase in sales.

When you pick your typography makes sure that you are sure about who is your target client, products for office have different implication than products for kids, and typography should answer to those needs.

Also, take into account the area and shape of your package, keep in mind the ideas of visibility and balance.

And make something unique, a well-made typography could turn something simple in something amazing. 



Then, the selection of the font is one of the biggest steps in packaging design, do not take it lightly.

 Keeping this in mind remember to avoid overload the package, be consistent with the design, and think about the font and the packaging as one, colors, backgrounds, and shapes will affect the appearance of the typography.

And of course, it should be readable and do not forget the importance of spacing, the interaction between the letters is crucial to guarantee symmetry.

As a summary when it is about typography here are the three must to:

  1. be clear
  2. be legible
  3. be communicative

Typography its one of the most important parts of the packaging, it does not just help you to outstand your product; it also could help you to create identity, to be more recognizable, to communicate, and even to create engagement, and we have the perfect example to prove it:

When it comes to packages, every detail counts, and typography is one of the most important details. But do not get scared! use typography as a tool to communicate and to improve the potential of your package , your product and your market.

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