Packaging design: 5 Practical Tips to make Effective Packaging

It is no secret that great packaging can significantly impact the sale of your products. Getting the design aspect of your packaging right can improve the awareness of your brand and even help your product make more sales and align with particular demographics.

It’s vital to stand out from your competitors, so HeTien brings you our top 5 tips that can help make your products stand out and generate more sales.

Packaging Matters

Let’s look at an average US supermarket, for example. You can find hundreds of similar (or identical but differently packaged) items. This means that there is a lot of competition. If we take more of a psychological approach by looking at the buyer’s journey, it can take a potential customer seven seconds to make a purchase decision. This is usually based on the branding of the packaging and how purchasers interact with your packaging. 

The competition aspect of consumerism is one of the most important reasons as to why packaging matters. Research shows that 60% of customers believe a brand to be more upscale when the packaging exudes a luxurious feel and is customised to the target demographic. Research also demonstrates that 70% of customers purchased a product from a chosen brand simply for the packaging or box alone. With this in mind, businesses worldwide can actually increase their sales by implementing effective packaging strategies.   

How To Create Effective Packaging? Top 5 Tips


Creating packaging that you want customers to be drawn to requires being clear about your brand message and the messaging of the product that you want to share. Remember, you have approximately seven seconds to tell your story and communicate two primary things to your potential customer:


·      What message does the packaging give (i.e. is it luxury, affordable, is it eco-conscious?)

·    What does it contain? This has to be absolutely clear; otherwise, how will you sell your product if consumers don’t know what’s inside?


Keep it simple by using your packaging to go straight to your brand message. This allows the client an easy and fast way to get to know your brand story.



It is especially important to be completely honest about your product. It is never a good idea to create false expectations in order to mislead a consumer. Doing this will result in poor sales, bad reviews and damage your brand. The package should offer information on nothing other than your product. 



If you want to be an industry leader and have packaging that stands out from your competitors, then you need to research and understand your competitors properly and what they are doing. Take time to research your competitors and their specific and induvial packaging. Focus on their similarities and then take this information and do something different with your custom packaging.


Even though it’s not an easy task to create something unique in such an incredibly competitive industry, the packaging is where you can really thrive and excel in standing out from the competition.


Packaging is when creativity and innovation are crucial. Of course, you must take into account some critical parameters such as is the packaging safe and is the size suitable? A great way to get creative is to play with colors, printing styles, surface treatments, materials, and shapes to create a design that stands out and knocks competitors out of the water. Custom boxes with your logo, for example, will set you apart from other retailers in your industry. 



Avoid thinking about your product as separate from the packaging. We know you’ve put a lot of work into your product itself. But for it to sell, it has to be in the right ‘outfit’ and in this sense, this is the packaging. Your product will share the stage with a considerable number of different products that are the same as yours or very similar. Therefore, consider the context of your product and take advantage of its uniqueness.


If the products of your competitors are using a palette of greens, for example, something as simple as using a different color could make an incredible difference. This is known as shelf impact and visually allows your brand to stand out from the rest. However, always aligning your product packaging with your brand guidelines is essential. 



When it comes to custom packaging, you
should also be considering its functionality and how your customers will use and
interact with the packaging. Something as simple as an easy-tear opening or
upside-down bottle squeeze feature could increase your sales as the packaging
makes your product easier to use.


Additionally, select high-quality

materials, and look for ways that you can improve upon the design in relation
to your competitors. Research shows that customers unconsciously associate
higher quality looking packaging with a higher quality product. So before
they’ve even experienced your actual product, they already consider it being better
than those of your competitors simply by the quality of packaging you choose.


Designing great packaging not only helps in protecting your product, but it should also be used to boost your brand awareness, tell and story, and as a result, boost your sales.

We hope this information has helped you understand more about custom packaging across the board and why it’s essential to take a unique approach to stand out from the competition. We would love to help you move forward with your package design, so please get in touch with us; the packaging experts.

Why choose us? At HeTien, we are proud to be the leader in the packaging design industry. We love what we do and with over 10 years experience in the custom box and packaging industry, we are confident in bringing you packaging with the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for you and your business!

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