Packaging and Chinese new year

Maybe you heard something about Chinese New Year; it is one of the most important holidays in Asia, the importance of family and joy become the center of a celebration full of tradition. Did you know that this holiday generates one of the biggest migrations in the world? Or that it’s the week in which more fireworks are used in the world? There are a lot of really amazing facts about this holiday, but now let us tell you about the packaging and Chinese New Year.

Currently, China accepted the Gregorian calendar as westerns, but the lunar calendar it’s still important, one example of this it’s that the fortune of the year depends of the animal of the zodiac that rules that year, 2020, for example, was the year of the Rat, and of course, big brands decided to create special packaging to be part of this huge holiday, we cannot wait to see 2021, year of Ox, packaging!

Red becomes the tendency it symbolized good luck, so it’s the most present color in the packages, conversely, everyone tries to avoid black because it’s a color associated with dead and bad luck. If you are interested in how color influence the purchase, click here for more information.

The package it’s the only marketing media that is seen by 100% of the people who buy the product, Not all customers will see the TV commercial, the printed advertisement or are exposed to social networks, but all the people who buy the product will interact with the packaging and that’s why the package it’s so important, and one of the biggest advantages it’s to have a package adaptable to fit with the needs of specifics markets, be part of a holiday could represent a huge increase in the sells but also a could be a bigger product reminder, could help to strengthen the identity of the product and could make that your product becomes a part of the tradition.

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