Social Media and Packaging

Currently, nothing escapes from social media, and of course, this also applies to the packaging.

Some brands really understand well the power of social media, but what is the secret? For us, the important thing is to understand that with your product you are also selling an experience, and of course the packaging could help you to take that experience to another level!


According to statistics, it’s highly probable that if you have an innovative, beautiful, funny or uncommon packaging, people will share it in social media, with this comes free advertising, the opportunity to expand the reach of your brand and increase the number of potential customers also social media could help you to define a strong identity for your brand.

Of course, there are too many things to have into account in social media, be consistent, create innovative content, correct use of colors, a lot of things! But for us, the central matter is Packaging. Then, what needs your packaging for been successful in social media? Here are some useful tricks.

  1. Don’t miss out on the special days! Custom packages for holidays or famous celebrations have more probabilities to be shared on social media.
  2. In social media, we share content that surprises us, things that we saw, and we think: This is good, I want others can see what I am seeing. That’s why the best thing for making viral your packaging is: be unique! Think about the box outside the box! Make the packaging funny, clever, elegant, or innovative, but make it different.
  3. Customize the packaging for your client! Customizing improves the unboxing experience; people like to share the special moment in which they are opening something that is specially made for them. The unboxing experience is related to opening a gift, which generates joy, even before opening the packaging and even knowing the content of it.

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There are so many things you can do to make your packaging outstanding and conquer social media. We know the power of packaging! Contact us to get the perfect packaging!

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