Color Psychology in Packaging

There are some indisputable facts in life: water wets, French fries are delicious and ketchup is red, or at least we use to think so!

Back in 2000 Heinz, one of the most popular ketchup brands decided to give a turn to the traditional market and launch for sale of a new product: Green Ketchup. Yes, you read correctly Green Ketchup!

With the idea of capture the attention of young market and coinciding with the premiere of “Sherk” saga, green ketchup was in their start a huge success, more than 25 millions of green ketchup bottles were sold, positioning Heinz as the owner of 60% of the ketchup market on USA.

For 2006 the boom of green ketchup was over and Heinz stopped its production.

But Why A Change In Color Could Affect The Market?

According to recent studies about 85 % of the reasons why someone picks a product instead of others are related to color, that’s because it has incidence in the emotional part of the brain and activates sensations that influence the purchase decisions.

Because of that, one of the principal goals of marketing is awaken a “color mood” that interferes with a purchase process, that is: color psychology.

Have you ever ask yourself why big food companies, like Mc Donald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut, use red color? That is not randomly! A good use of color could increase the recognition of your product, enhance your sells and allows remembrance of your brand. 

Have into account the psychology of color when you pick your package, remember that more than contain your product the package could be a strategic advantage! 

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