Some facts about cardboard

Cardboard is one the most common materials in our lives, it can be used with a lot of different purposes, because of its easy manipulation, the less environmental impact that generates, because it’s a recyclable material and its efficiency and quality.


Carton boxes were invented in China around the XVI century, but were until 1817 that the first company of carton was founded in the United Kingdom; cardboard consists of several layers of superimposed paper, based on virgin fiber or recycled paper. Some types of cardboard are used to make boxes of packages and containers, of various types and sizes. Cardboard, like paper, can also be colored, molded and decorated.

  • To support more weight, without losing its shape and usefulness, thickness and volume are added to the cardboard, even with corrugated intermediate layers (corrugated cardboard). Most of the cardboard used to make packaging weights 160 and 600 g / m². As for the thickness, the cardboard containers usually have between 300 and 800 mm.
  • Cardboards are also an excellent toy, as a prove of that in 2005 the cardboard boxes were added to the national toy hall of fame, an American hall dedicated to recognize the toys that keeps their popularity for many years. If that it’s no enough prove let ask to your cat!
  • In 1914 the cereal company Kellogg was the first one to use the package of the product as a marketing media, establishing the structure of the traditional cereal box. 
  • Calamatic Foundation it’s a pioneer in supplying emergency shelters manufactured in cardboard, opening the possibility of manufacturing cardboard houses as temporary households.
  • In Southern Illinois an American university has been doing for more than 50 years a racing competition of cardboard boats.
  • Gary Connery it’s a British expert in skydiving, he made the feat of jump from a helicopter without parachute and land on a huge pile of boxes and leave completely unharmed!
  • In Taichung, Taiwan works Carton King Creative Park built-in 2007 using just cardboard and paper, there you can find a restaurant in which everything is made of paper and cardboard even the pots in which the chef cooks are made from paper and support temperatures of up 250 degrees Celsius, they also have a cardboard zoo and even a store for cardboard items! 

Cardboard boxes are amazing! It is incredible how many options this material offers us. That is the reason why we love it; don’t hesitate to write us for more information!

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