Oktoberfest: Beer and package.

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival! A 16 days festival celebrated in Munich, Germany. This ancient tradition, celebrated with few interruptions since 1810, is a mix of joy, traditions, and beer, a lot of beer!

The festival attracts over 6 million people every year who consume 1.5 million gallons of beer, 200,000 pairs of pork sausage, and 480,000 spit-roasted chickens!

Despite the name, the celebration starts in September, during it is just allowed the Oktoberfest beer, considered one of the best beer in the world, specially brewed for the festival and with at least 6% of alcohol.

The festival also gives us many, many! Examples of customized products, since food and beer until mugs everything acquires a special and valuable meaning if you add the Oktoberfest feature to it. 

The Packaging, the food, and the beer! 

Without a doubt, beer and Bavarian culture are the centers of the festival. When it is about beer, you can found many types of packages all of them have something in common: the big legend “Oktoberfest” even in a bigger size that the beer brand, why is it? Simple: the beer is part of the celebration; through the customized packaging the beer is saying to the consumer two valuable things :

 1. this beer is an authentic Oktoberfest beer, it means that it is special, unique, it accomplishes the necessary features to achieve the official Oktoberfest title

2. Is saying if you drink this beer it means you are a part of the festival, more than the product the Oktoberfest feature will also sell the participation in an experience. 

Sausages also had an important role in this huge event! We all know that Germans are the master of sausages.

That’s why sausages are also strongly present on the festival food variety, the package, of course, also says to the consumer: this is not any kind of sausages; we are special featured Oktoberfest edition sausage! 

The power of customization is really incredible, it has the potential to make your product outstanding, all our products are fully customizable, contact us and take your product to a new level! 

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