Misleading packaging practices

Packaging matters, it is the only media that would have contact with 100% of your customers. There are many things to consider in the design of a good package and there are others to avoid.

Misleading package is a practice in which “intentionally the package is designed to mislead the consumer into thinking that the product is of more quantity or better quality than it is the case”

Most common misleading practices are related to size, that’s why it’s so important to take into account the needs of your product, and design a packaging that perfectly fits for it. A wrong package not just means a waste of material, that at the end increases the production cost, it also hurts the customer.

Imagine that you enter a store and get close to the showcase, you are trying to decide which kind of cookies would you like to eat, then you saw a huge package at the same price as the others, you buy it, thinking that you make a great deal when you arrive home open the package, and that huge packaging just contains 4 cookies, perfectly separated one between each other to fill all the space. How will you feel?

There are no legal consequences for misleading package, but there are others. Let’s keep our example, imagine that you go to the store again to buy cookies, would you take the same packaging? Most of the people wouldn’t.

That’s one of the missions of packaging to help to create engaging, a misleading package would generate distrust and gives to the client the sensation of being trickled.

When it’s about packaging it’s important to trust in the quality of your product, packaging cannot contain anything else than the things your product offers, it could enhance, highlight, communicate, but cannot and should not offer something different to the product. The perfect package must have the ability to stand out without misleading the client.

Remember that the package it’s almost as important as the brand itself before picking a packaging design make sure that the packaging is giving the message with which you want your brand be related to. 

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