Expectation and Packaging, what could get wrong?

Ordering a package can be challenging, once we have made the order we have an image in our mind, about how we think the product should look like, we hope a result exactly or even better than the one we had imagined, that is to say, we generate an expectation.

The reason why is that the packaging is going to represent the first real contact between the client and the product; the packaging designer must guarantee that the final packaging it’s everything that the product deserves.

But, as in any industry, the packaging one also deals with production facts that could imply variations in the accomplishment of expectation, which are those facts? How could we handle them? What to expect? 

Many things could get wrong, but most of them can be avoided by having a strict quality control, regular, fluent, and clear communication between designer, production, and customer, and experience.

Then here are two of the most common, not according to my expectation, of the packaging industry.

  1. Color, The Pantone system pretends to standardize the huge quantity of different color shades https://www.intouch-quality.com/blog/pantone-colors-use  the main intention of this system is to maintain consistency in the printing colors, however, due to the quality and type of printing process, the material of the package, and even because of how our brain processes information about color perception, one of the most common, I didn’t expect this, is about color. 

To avoid this issue keep in mind that the color hardly it’s going to be 100% the same of the Pantone scale, even thought packaging production must to make sure to try to reach the highest possible percentage, it also could be a printing process issue, before print makes sure the machines are in the best conditions and with enough material. Try to think about color as a range and not as specific, of course a limited range. 

2. Artwork design, The artwork involves all the features for packaging design, the design of the artwork it’s an essential part of the final result, and its influence in a large way the final form in which the packaging it’s going to look, problems in the artworks generates the biggest mismatches with the expectationsthe reason of this could be: disproportion between the artwork and the measures of the package, change of characteristics by resizing, and other problems generates mostly because of a non-joint design.

To avoid this lack of unity and meet the expectation, keep in mind, the package works as a whole, each space has a function, each color an intention, each letter a message, everything in the function of the product and its features. Be sure to handle a single artwork design to maintain packaging consistency, do not forget the dimensions!

Finally remember not to skip the sampling process then you can realize about results and expectations; stay open to possibilities of change but keep the brand and product values and keep in mind that not all details are under the control of the supplier. 

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