Iconic packages: Amazon box

We all know Amazon boxes. Using an easy description, it is a plain cardboard box with the company logo on it.
It is common to think that a design as simple as it, has no place in the iconic package list, but it is not true; Amazon box is currently one of the most iconic packages.

The box is as iconic that it even inspires cakes and toys! Then what is the reason for it? It creates excitement

All of us know the meaning of the row box waiting for us in front of the door: The thing we were expecting finally arrives. The box is related to the feeling of expectation, with the emotion of getting a present.

The power of emotions on marketing is undeniable, most advertising strategies seek to arouse feelings in the client that affect the way they relate to the product, and of course, packaging also could take great advantage of it. https://www.htpackagings.com/what-is-emotional-marketing/


Amazon also uses its story boxes #IamAmazon an initiative in which the boxes tell the story about the seller, with the main idea of  Every seller represents Amazon 


Great packaging is the conjunction of many factors. You don’t need to spend in the fanciest uncommon designs, a great package needs to understand its function and share, its compromise it’s to bring the product to the client not just save also do it in the best conditions, creating an experience, generating emotion, building a relationship between the product, the client and the brand. 

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