Food packaging, a box and a bucket

What do MC Donald's Happy meal and KFC bucket have in common? They both are sold by a fast-food restaurant, both big brands, and big demand, but there is one more thing they both have: a famous food packaging.

Happy meal Box

The happy meal box is one of the most recognizable packages, its story starts in Guatemala in 1970 when, the owner of the franchise and his wife, create this symbolic kids menu that soon became a full brand idea.

The red lunch type box with the golden arches as handles bring to all of us a childhood memory.

KFC Bucket 

On the other side, the KFC bucket, its also on the immediately identifiable package list.

The first bucket featured by KFC dated from 1952. Since then, the famous bucket is always related to a delicious meal.

Often KFC adds to its regular bucket some special features, keeping this packaging until today as innovative as iconic. 

From those examples, we can say that packaging has several tasks, since guaranteeing the safety of the product; trough shares a brand story until mediate between the customer and product relationship. But of course, the purpose of the package changes according to the needs of the product. The primary role of food packaging is to contain a portion of food, to protect, but above that, the food packaging main task is to retain the quality of food.

When t is about food packaging you will find, different kind of materials each of them with advantages and disadvantages, 

Glass: Reusable, recyclable, resistant and non-reactive but breakable and not easy to carry.

Paper: Lay weight, low cost, recyclable but prone to environmental changes 

Tin: Water- heat resistance, durable, recyclable but reacts with the food, requires an opener

And so on, with wrappers, pallets, flexible packaging, carton, boxes, aseptic processing package, and trays.  

Pick the right material is essential as well as the design, currently, are trend the minimal designs, use of bold colors and unusual shapes, and of course functional package.


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