Foil stamping process

Hot foil stamping is a printing process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil, holograms, or a solid glossy or matte color to a material.

The story of foil stamping back us in time until the year 1800, In Berlin, place of birth of the hot stamping pioneer, Ernest Oeser. But it is until 1950 with the inclusion of gold rolls that this printing process increased its popularity.

This kind of process is suitable for a wide range of products and goes beyond the packaging industry. But us any process foil stamping has advantages and disadvantages,

Some disadvantages 

-Size limitation, too big printing areas or small details could add difficulties to the printing process

-The font, the font-weight, and the existence of intricate lines could influence the final result. 

Some advantages 

-It doesn’t use Ink; this means that the color of the material will not affect the printing, making it perfect for print in dark papers. 

-Luxury, foil stamping is associated with a sense of luxury and classy because of its beautiful visual impact 

-Variety, it allows a wide range of finishes from glossy to matte to holographic designs and patterns.

Apply foil stamping to your package can make a big difference adding a special touch in which are involve visual and sensorial aspects. With the correct art work it can offer an incredible range of results, can make your package outstanding, add luxury, and highlight shapes and details. We can advise you! Contact us

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