5 Tips to Design Your Packaging

Think about the last time you went shopping

Why did you buy that product specifically and no other of a different brand? Was it an impulse buying or something you really needed?

You might buy it because it caught your attention. That is the purpose of the package. When packaging is properly and creatively made entices your potential customer and help to convert them into a sale. Catching attention, sending a message and making consumers feel in a specific way.

Knowing how to make your packaging stand out from others is not an easy task. Here are some useful

1. Think about the experience : Consider the actions the customers will go through when they are unpacking or using your product, then use these to include something else in your packaging making it more striking and interactive.

2. Match your product: Make sure that your design complements the product that it’s inside. Analyze the meaning of your product its story, values and plus and shows that in your package deal or relate it with a cause.

Sometimes also you could leave that the product speaks by itself let it being visible to the client this could be attractive, at the same time you can allow that the product being a part of the package design, you can use the product to create your images use its texture, color or shape for your advantage

3. Be innovative: if you have a product that is also made by other people; try to be innovative about how you show it. Break the traditional thought about what it’s supposed to be in your product. Don’t be afraid of using humor for show a funny package or overdo some shapes, colors or illustrations when you can, and why not you also can use some textures! People will be interacting physically with your package, so appeal to your touch sense not just your eyesight, like that you could offer a highest cognitive experience

4. Take into account the available space: the external part of your package should be interesting but what it’s inside where the product is saved? When you create a package , use every inch available and make sure that the package its accorded to the product, don’t overdo with the package, some products don’t need being safe inside a box or a bag, in occasions a little label it’s enough

5. Helps to other purposes: one way of being friendly with the environment its give to your package other purpose. Your package could be functional, for example, this bottles look like common cleaning products, but when you interact with them you can notice that they are from porcelain and they are made for being used as flower vases once the product inside is finished

There is not only one way to design your packaging  but one thing is sure, when this is good it will boost your sales a lot!

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