The importance of the packaging

Product packaging has played a crucial role in the consumer decision-making process during a buying experience. It is one of the main reasons why a consumer decides to buy a product. Everyone knows the expression “love enters through the eyes” so a good or bad packaging design can be decisive in sales success. 

A Market basic principle says: “the product must not only be great but must appear to be so” this is why the design of the packaging to present the product in the market is a decision that should not be taken lightly; it should be designed based on a strategy, trying to the packaging communicate a striking message by itself.

A well-designed packaging makes the product it contains more attractive, gives a perception of good quality, encourage the customer to try it, is consistent with the target segment and contains elements that define the company brand. As you can see, an effective product packaging design can create tons of potential and leverage for your business.

According to a study by CNI 75% of the companies that invested in packaging design registered increases in their sales, being that 41% also managed to reduce their costs. The research also showed that among similar products, the consumer ends up preferring the one who has the most attractive, beautiful and practical packaging, even being willing to try a new brand if its packaging has such characteristics since that is directly related to the valorization of the costumer self-esteem.

More and more companies perceive the importance of investing in the packaging development to be more competitive; companies realize that it is not a luxury service, on the contrary, it is a highly specialized service with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Whether the company is large, medium or small, at the point of sale all have access to the customer equally. And the one that invests in the right packaging has more conditions to stand out and become a winning brand.

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