The red of Christmas

Christmas it’s coming! And before you noticed every place it’s going to be full of lights, Christmas trees, and gifts. Probably you are going to see everywhere a man using a red suit with white beer and hair, glasses and a big belly: Santa Claus. 


But do you know where he comes?

Originally Santa Claus was inspired in Nicolas de Bari a saint from Turkey; in fact, the name “Claus” was created following the name of the saint in German, St. Nikolaus. A man of thin and tall build. But wait! That’s so different from the Santa that we currently know. 

Back In 1931 Coca Cola the big beverage company hires Haddon Sundblom to create an image of Santa accorded to their Christmas campaign, with this big mission Sundblom takes inspiration from the poem “a visit from San Nicolas” and draws for first time the red suit, black belt, red checks and round belly man that probably all of us know.

Then red becomes the stronger color for Christmas representation if you look for it you’re going to find that, Coca Cola and Christmas are deeply related! 

This is just one example of how marketing makes a huge impact in life, using the correct marketing strategy you could pass from the product to the impact! 

Make sure about: What do you want to say? What do you want that people remember about your product? How do you want that people feel about your brand? And said through your package!  

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