Why did you think your service/product would be a good idea for a business?

I’m eager to bet its because you identified your ideal customers pain point and validated that your product or service could solve this problem.

That’s how most successful businesses start out. They see a clients pain point, plus they find and after that offer a solution to it. 

So why does not our content advertising work in the same way? In Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he tells us of an anecdote of researchers who conducted a study where they sent two different advertisements to home owners in the same neighborhood. 

One ad said, if you insulate your home fully, you will save 50 cents every day. The other said, if you do not insulate your home fully, you will lose 50 cents every day.

When the study was completed it showed that the individuals who received the ad that focused on loss language were 150% more prone to insulate their home than the other group. 

What this study shows us is that individuals are more frequently motivated by fear of loss than hope of gain. As humans, were wired in a manner that avoiding pain is more importance for our survival than gaining pleasure is. 

If you wish to find more clients, then concentrate on creating content that provide them with a solution to their pain points. Ways to Uncover Your Customers Pain Points :

1. Ask Your Existing Customers – Among the simplest ways to uncover your clients pain points is by simply asking an existing customer.

You may do that through an one-to one interview, sending out surveys, or asking them questions regarding their biggest challenges that they face.

2. Use Existing Pain Points As A Way To Tease Out New Ones in Prospective Customers – Talking to existing clients is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that they are already your clients. 

Sure, its great to address an existing clients pain point so that you can retain them as clients, but you always want to concentrate on generating new business too and that means understanding what pain points might exist for your prospective clients too. 

To discover what a prospective clients pain points could be, use your understanding of the common pain points that your existing clients already have and frame the discussion in a manner that allows for the prospective to client to either agree or disagree that they’ve these problems.

For instance, you may say: were found that our clients have trouble with understanding what keywords they should be focusing their efforts on. 

Is this something you struggle with? By giving prospective clients a starting point, you are directing the discussion to pain points in relation to your industry.

Many businesses still decide what customers want or need and very often they are wrong! You can not afford to make assumptions or be guided by intuitions.

If you convince yourself that you have the customer’s answers without taking their opinions and make them participate directly and actively in your medium-term strategies, you will pay a high price.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers” Seth Godin 

Discovering what your customers really need is an indispensable process maybe not easy …but it will grow your business without any doubt !!!  

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