Food Packaging tasks

Most of the times we do not realize that food package is a big part o food products, even at a point in which food package is measured with the same requirements than food. Why is this? The food packaging is in contact with the product is an essential task of it to make sure that the product is going to be safe; it means that the packaging cannot affect in any way the product properties. The quests of the food packaging include

  • Protect
  • Provide information
  • Helps market 
  • Contain 
  • Share

As always on the packaging industry, food packaging is critical to ensure the safety of the product and of the consumer, at the same time that influences the purchasing process.

Freshness and contamination, 

The product must keep fresh, good food packaging should make sure that the green keeps green. But, there is a difference between a product that looks good, and a product that is in good condition, to food packaging is crucial to keep the product seal against all the possible external and internal threats that could infect the product and potentially be the cause of diseases.


Food packaging should offer special features to indicate if the package, and potentially the content of it, had been tampering, offer this characteristic is essential to prevent the unwanted manipulation or opening of the product. 

Been especially safe is one of the big tasks of food packaging.  


As we know package matters, and of course food packaging is not an exception, studies show that takes to an average customer 7 seconds to make a purchase decision, the packaging is a decisive factor, make it outstanding, unique, and safe. A food package designed to prevent any damage in the product could improve the perception of the client about the brand and increase sales. 

Follow the rules, 

Food packaging should make sure of following the rules established to protect the food and those who consume it, this rules can change according to countries and kind of products, before design your package make sure of have full knowledge about this rules and follow them, not just to prevent possible mistakes that could affect the brand image, also to prevent that a potential happy client becomes an ill customer.  

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