Spot UV

You may not commonly come across the term: SPOT UV, but you probably are familiar with it, after all, many of the packagings use this surface treatment on their designs.

Then, what exactly is SPOT UV? As you already may notice, it is a technical word used to describe the surface treatment of packaging. It means that it’s a special process in which the surface acquires different characteristics, affecting the texture or the color of the material. 

SOPT UV is, in the most strict definition, the process of apply ultraviolet (UV)to a material to add a high gloss coating to a specific area or surface of a printed piece. The result is an attractive shine that also protects the area against moisture and wear. 

This treatment is more commonly apply, and more effective, in color printed packaging.

Benefits of the Spot UV:

High Clarity and readability: Due to the Spot UV technique and the fast drying process; the result is not just shiny and attractive, it also has a highly clear definition; it makes that the Spot UV suitable for letters and graphics.

Protective, Spot UV also can help to protect your package of, on many occasions, unavoidable problems caused by handling the packaging, by adding an extra layer on the packaging surface.

Outstand, One of the greatest advantages of SPOT UV is that it allows outstand a specific part of your packaging making easier to deliver the correct message thought the package.


Environmentally Friendly and Safe, The process doesn’t release VOCs into the atmosphere, as solvent-based coatings do. And because they don’t require the application of heat for the drying process and are cured through the application of UV light, less energy is used in their application.

Extra Tips:

SPOT UV could be applied to almost every surface! As an extra tip, we will recommend applying it over Matte finish surfaces, this amplifies the shinny effect making it more noticeable.

We also recommended avoiding the use of SPOT UV in too thin materials.

Need help with SPOT UV treatment ?  Contact us! we are experts in all surface treatments. 

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