Texture and packaging,

Packaging matters; it will be the first physical contact between your client and the product. It represents one of the most important first impressions that the customer will get about the brand.

The packaging industry is constantly evolving, with the goal of offer protection to the product, attracting the product, build brand and engagement but, also providing a high-quality feel experience.

Studies show that the tactile effect has a positive impact on the purchase behavior, plus it the texture in a packaging it’s also associated with premium products. The basic principle of this study is “the more consumers handle a product, the more likely they will purchase it.

The multi sensory packaging appeals to all aspects involve in a purchase decision process; that’s why take advantage of all packaging techniques could help you to boost your sales. After all, among all the competence, the best strategy is to stand out.

How to give texture to a packaging?

Initially, every material has a different texture, give a special tactile experience to the customer through the package initiate by selecting the materials.

 But also in the packaging industry, you can found many options of surface treatments, a special process which the purpose of altering the natural feeling of the material. Two of the most popular texture treatments are:


The embossing process consists of raising a logo or a specific part of the artwork to add a 3D appearance. This process starts with the creation of a die, a personalized metal plate, whose press against the material slightly raises the area.


Opposite to it, the Debossing process, instead of raising as embossing process, the Debossing final result will be a depressed area. 


The use of natural texture also could have awesome results! And of course, there are also many combinations.

When it is about designed; the limit is set by our creativity. Contact us! We are experts in packaging

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