Smart: The future of packaging

We live in a society of development. New technology appears, and new inventions emerge; smart is now an adjective to describe things that surround us, and technology has become a daily word.

We all want fast and clear information, easy access to data; all we need to know is as far as a search on Google.

Packaging, of course, must develop itself at the same rhythm that the world walks.  
That is why smart packaging is an essential step in the future of the industry.   

Smart Packaging it’s a link between the physical product and the digital world. Imagine that you bought a product but you are not sure about how to use it; you take your phone, scan a QR code, and just like that, in your phone appear all you need to know about, Instructions, Story, Advantages, and Special features. Now imagine that the box in which your products came can control the temperature inside, to keep your product as fresh as the first day at the store.

That, of course, is not anymore just imagination, is the present, and opens the future to a new way of packaging.

It is possible to divide smart packaging in two big groups, Active package and intelligent package

First, the active, it is the one that improve the qualities of the product , the packaging add some features to maintain in the best possible conditions the product, without altering it.

Meanwhile intelligent add new qualities to the product, mainly with the intention of communicate, sharing information about the product that add value to it.  

Finally, the advantages of smart package are huge, extend food life shelf, keep products in its best qualities, share the most accurate info, avoid competence, reduce waste , create engagement, track products quality, tracks customer perceptions, facilitate the use and storage, even contribute towards inclusion. In short smart packaging it’s a growing industry and its potential is outsize.

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