Packaging samples: Digital-Production

There are many steps to follow before start the final production of the perfect package, one of the most important of them is to create a prototype.
Do not skip this step. The prototype or sample could help you to visualize how it’s going to be the final product. It has the advantage of allowing you to make corrections that maybe you didn’t saw in the initial design.

About the prototype, there are two special kinds of samples on the packaging industry that you should know, 

Digital Samples 

As maybe you can guess, digital samples refer to the kind of sample that only includes digital printing.

This kind of sample doesn’t include any surface treatment; it means that if your packaging counts with embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, or any kind of special treatment, that is not going to be reflected on the sample. 

This kind of sample is perfect if you want to make sure about the structure and functionality of the package, and to have a general preview of the final product. 

It is easy to produce, takes less time, and it’s cheaper than the production sample. 

The disadvantage is that the sample is not 100% corresponding to the final packaging. 

Production Sample 

Production sample refers to a sample that is produced following all the requirements that your packaging design requires. It allows you to test all the aspects of your final product. 

This sample is exactly how the final product is going to look, allowing you to check structure, functionality, and appearance, all in detail.  

The great advantage of this sample is that it allows visualizing the final product and test it completely.

The disadvantage of it is that it is more expensive and takes more time to be produced.

About samples in packaging, an important aspect is to make sure that the packaging is suitable for your product and that it is everything you are looking for. Remember that the package has contact with 100% of your customers. It is going to mark the first impression about your product. Keep in mind which kind of sample you consider is better to test the packaging, and order it.

Here you can find some useful information about things to have into account to create your packaging

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