Packaging and E-commerce

The Internet is now part of our lives that it’s a fact. Every day, most of our daily activities, take place in the online world from entertainment to business, including shopping. E-commerce has become a relevant part of the economy, and it will keep growing.

What is the relationship between E-commerce and packaging?
On online shopping, the packaging it’s the first physical contact between the client and the product, it means that the first impression that the products generate depends on the packaging.
It’s also a branding mechanism, the packaging it’s a perfect opportunity to generate engagement, and outstand your product.
Packaging also helps to create a brand’s value, according to the state in which the product is delivered, and of course, a good packaging helps you to reduce costs, saving the money of returns for shipping damage.

What to do?

Do not forget: first set a clear budget, then start for the dimension; it has to be perfectly adjusted to your product needs. Once you get the dimension, think in a functional structure that facilitates the use of the product. Then pick the material, and finally, which printing process fits better maybe offset or digital?

Then start the design, remember the importance of customized packaging, and includes into your design the company personality.

Before starting the final production, make sure to get a prototype, it helps you to make sure that the packaging it’s exactly what you are looking for, and gives to you the opportunity to make corrections.

Some useful TIPS

  • Offer a unique unboxing experience to your client: this increases the recall and the probability that they will share your product.
  • Share the message of your brand personality: make sure that your packaging represents the essence of your company.
  • Prioritize functionality: The packaging is to the product service, so don’t forget it must look good, but of course, it has to be functional!
  • Safety: remember to protect the product.
  • Sustainability: Use environmentally friendly materials, the world will thank you.

The perfect packaging it’s not easy to get; it requires a deep knowledge of the brand, the product, the client, and the capability to transform that knowledge in a design with a suitable choice of shape, materials, and processes. But don’t worry we are experts! Contact us to create the perfect packaging for your e-commerce products.

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