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Packaging influence purchase decisions that it’s a fact. At the same time exist a lot of packaging types, cardboard box, magnetic closure bags, gift bags, food packaging box, shell and slide rigid box, neck box, flip rigid box, book-style rigid box; and we can spend a lot of time making a list, however for this article, we will concentrate our minds in one specific type: Tin Can Packaging.

Then what is Tin can package? As is name indicates, it’s a kind of packaging, usually in round shape, made out of sheet metal, and coated with tin.

The use of tin cans in packaging is relatively recent, with a big increase lately because of its multiple advantages:

  1. 360° of space, one of the biggest advantages it’s the space that this kind of package offers, allowing customizes the package with a unique design in the maximum surface area
  2. Lightweight, you may notice that tin cans are no so heavy, that make them easier to handle, and of course, least weight means to least shipment cost; that makes of tin cans an excellent ally to cut costs.
  3. Increased Shelf Life, due to the material, this kind of packaging its perfect to contain food; the material does not react to food, keeping the contain fresh, and making sure that the taste that your product has once packed, it’s going to be the same that your client will taste once open the product.
  4. Protection,this packaging offers safety, making sure that the product is going to protect all the time. When it is about protection, tin cans are on top 5!
  5. Eco-friendly, t This packaging has also the huge advantage of been recyclable, helping with the compromise of taking environmentally responsible actions, with the plus that tin cans have a lower recyclable cost, compared, for example, with glass.
  6. Keep-ability, some tin cans packaging have the keep-ability factor! It means that is highly probable that the packaging it’s going to stay with your client even when the product had been consumed. That implies that there is a constant reminder of your brand around your client.

Those are some of the advantages of tin cans; you may relate this kind of packaging with the common soda cans, but, as always in the packaging, think about the can outside the can, tin cans packaging can be more than the classic cylindrical shape and can offer different structural variations.

Even, some tin cans are famous! From Campbell’s, the soup that is art, through the Pringles craft paper tin can that revolutionized chips, to the most modern walnut packaging.

Are you looking for tin cans packaging? Contact us, make your quotation, and get the package that your product deserves at the best price!

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