Low cost-High quality packaging

It’s not a secret, how important packaging has become; it is the first contact that your customer will have with your product, it affects the shopping behavior, the identity of your brand, the whole experience of your client, and of course keeps save the product until the final delivery.

Everyday packaging becomes more important, one proof of that it’s the unboxing trend that starts to invade social media. The product is indeed the star, but you should remember that the packaging co-star all the presentations of your product, make sure you have the perfect actor for the play!

But, of course, no one wants to spend all the profits on the packaging, then how to get the best packaging without spending too much money?

Let’s start for the things you should avoid

1. Unsafe package: on the effort to avoid spending too much money on packaging, sometimes you could be tempted to select materials that do not fit with your product needs. In the end, the cost rises, returns must be done and the quality of the brand is affected.

2.   Unrelated packaging: The packaging must answer to your product needs; a package too big, too thick or thin, difficult to open, too heavy or that does not fit in a showcase, can raise considerably the final product cost.

3. Long packaging process time: Too long process could increase the storage costs and make the shipping process and cost unstable.

How to get a perfect package without spending too much money?


Always think about the specific needs of your product, is it heavy? Is it delicate? Is it big?

-Paper bags, this eco-friendly package have one of the highest reusable records, it means also free advertising. It’s more safety than other packaging materials and can support even more weight than plastic. And of course, it is one of the cheapest materials for packaging.

-Paperboard Boxes and Corrugated Boxes: Those are the most common materials used in packaging, the benefits: lightweight, highly flexible, easy to store, easy to transport, recyclable, reusable, with excellent capability for printing and of course cheap. In summarizing the complete package!

Rigid Boxes: it’s the most durable material; it offers a high level of safety for your product, perfect for delicate products. This package is related to luxury and quality and no need complicated graphics.


One of the tricks for don’t invest in complicated designs and keep it simple and elegant, it’s to use a color related to your brand in the packaging. This trick could make you save some money and still create an identity between color and brand.

Offset printing:

For the printing process is important to take into account the quantity; for example, for high volume projects, this kind of printing offers the best balance between cost and benefit.

Trough the creation of printing templates that can be used more than a million times, offset printing offers a process faster than other kinds of printing, it allows a variety of materials to print, consistently high-quality printing results, and affords the customizing process.

When it’s about packaging, consider the special needs of your product, remember that sometimes less is more, make sure that your packaging it’s what your product deserves, and remember that the packaging it’s the only media that 100% of your customers will see. There is no need to spend too much money; a package should be suitable, should protect, and should be the co-star that your product needs to be stunning! Make the difference with us https://www.htpackagings.com/contact-us/

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