Minimalist packaging

Originally the word minimalist refers to an artistic movement, covering from music to architecture, in which the main idea it’s to express just the essential or necessary things about a product or a subject.

In the packaging industry it refers to a particular kind of packing in which the designer uses the smallest range in materials, colors, and shapes to develop a package sustainable, beautiful, communicative and useful. Here the phrase “less is more” acquires all the sense.

Then, between the common noise of, overwhelming amounts ,of excessive shapes and colors, the simplicity of minimalist packaging turns down the noise offering simple and clean designs. 

with this in mind here are some Benefits 
  • Environmental friendly: Reduce the extra material and the carbon footprint,  consequently it’s also eco- friendly. The annual Sustainable Packaging Study conducted by Packaging Digest and Sustainable Packaging Coalition reveals that 92% of consumers feel that minimalist, eco-friendly, or biodegradable packaging matters.
  • Cost-Effective: Of course,this type of packaging, well-executed, could help you to save money avoiding the waste of oversized or overproduced packaging. 
  • Care in detail: The simplicity of the design allows exploiting all the capability of a single detail, multiplying the visual impact of it.
  • Clarity: With nothing to distract your eyes, it can communicate what your product is. This allows better communication. 
  • Weight: Commonly minimalist package is lighter that conventional one, that’s why it can help to reduce the cost of the shipping fee.
  • Sense of luxury: A common relationship is that between luxury and simplicity, the minimalist design, designed in the right way, offers a sense of sophistication

One of the perfect examples of successful minimalist packaging it’s the Apple packaging box every corner of the box is clean. The color is an elegant white.


in addition to it Every part of the packaging is designed to be clean and direct. The design is simple in a world of clutter and constant sensory over-stimulation.

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