Globalization and packaging

Currently, it is impossible to deny that our world is becoming each time more global, globalization implies interconnections, and it inevitably leads to integration. The world of business plays a fundamental role in the globalization process and of course the packaging industry is not outside this phenomenon.

Following this emphasis on integration arise the existence of some general directions in wich and industry develops, that is what we call: Trend. Here are some global packaging trends that could help you to create a global package:

Here Are Some Global Packaging Trends That Could Help You To Create A Global Package:

+ Sustainable, The use of eco-friendly packaging has become a trend, and certainly it should.

The use of materials that do not contribute to contamination its not also a social compromise, it’s already proof that people feel more engaged with green brands.

+Minimalistc Package, not too much not too lest, minimalistic package offers the perfect equilibrium creating a package simple, accurate, and luxury.

+Retro Package, The coming back to colors, draws and shapes from past its currently one of the most interesting trends

+Story teller, keeping in mind the branding process, tell your story through the package its a powerful way to create engagement and communicate. 

Besides, globalization still needs to recognize the cultural differences that make each market in the world unique.

It is a task of packaging to recognize the differences and adapt to the special demands of the different customers. When it comes to packaging is always useful to have in mind that the packaging its made to mediate in the relationship between the Client-the Brand, and the Product and due that it must to be think in context.

Here are some examples of brands that use different packages around the world:

Remember to : 1) Be adaptable  2) Keep consistence  3) Do not stereotype  4) Research!

As many things in life, packaging should keep balance, since the global to the individual every detail counts.

The secret here its to remember that one of the main purposes of the package is to communicate. What do you want to say about your product? Who is your customer? How to say and how to say it?

The market has made borders invisible and this is why packaging must be translated into a global language, designed with the customer in mind, in context, and taking advantage of the difference to create uniqueness. we are experts, contact us

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