Packaging 101: What is Embossing? Why do You Need It?

Embossing is one process known in the industry as surface treatment.

The process gives, as a result, the raising of a specific part of the packaging, adding an extra luxury appearance to the package without the use of additional material.

Embossing is one of the most common and effective printing techniques, adding more dimensions to the overall packaging design. It counts with a wide range of applications and options, an embossing surface area can be from basic lettering to a multi-level complex pattern.

The Process

The embossing process starts with the creation of the embossing plates, commonly known as female and male plates/dies.

The die is created following the pattern of the embossing area design; the process consists of the material positioned in the middle of the plates. The plates are mated under high pressure and a bit of heat; the result of this process is a raising area on the material: the embossed area.

To have into account:

Section: Not everything is suitable for embossing, too small areas will result in a blurry section making the message unclear or giving, as a result, a no clear effect, which means a waste of budget.

Material: it’s advisable, but not mandatory, to use thick/heavy materials to get a better embossing effect.

Additions: Over the embossed area is possible to add other treatments, foil stamping is one of the most common process added to the embossing, the wide range of possibilities of embossing allows you to play with texture, color, and design; being even possible to add multi-level embossing.

Advantages of embossing

Perceived Value: the process adds an extra value to the packaging enhancing its perceived value.   

Texture and touch: Several studies reflect t the relation between the touch experience and the purchase decision-making process, extra texture also helps the product to outstand between the others.

Focus point: Through the embossing process it’s possible to catch the attention in a specific area, which allows selecting and outstanding a clear message to share, enhancing the impact.

How much does it cost?

Usually, the embossing process cost includes the fee of plates/die creation. However, the price will depend on the desired embossed area.

Commonly the process is not expensive, to save the budget before order it remembers to have clear artwork areas to emboss, the changes on it will generate the need for extra plates which will increase the cost.

For an accurate price, send us your artwork, we will send you back a quote within 24 hours.

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