Beverage Packaging Trend to 2021

There are many important things to take care of lately without a doubt environment, is one of the hot topics that industries and societies around the world must handle and start to act about it with more compromise. 


This important task also touches the packaging industry and proposes, to it, face the challenges of reducing waste, the use of eco-friendly material, and the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Those will be the essential guidelines to define the packaging trends during 2021. 

The packaging industry is wide and varied. The beverage packaging industry answers to specific necessities. It must be sure to protect the liquid product inside without change its characteristics, make sure to keep the product in its best qualities, and of course, must protect the consumer’s health. 


The beverage packaging industry is expected to grow during the next year. 

Usually, the common material used for beverage packaging goes from rigid plastic to flexible plastics, paper board, rigid metal, glass, closures, and labels, with types as bottles, cans, pouches, and carton. Here are the expected trends for 2021, 

Aluminum Cans, aluminum is a great material for beverages; some of its characteristics are, 


-Strong protection 

-The ability of been recycled over and over again

-High level of versatility

Paper Straws, Plastic straws had been a controversial point during last years, paper straws seem like a popular and sustainable option.


Although this option is still a single-use article, and we all know it’s not the greenest solution ever, it is still a big step in the reduction of plastic. 


Interactive packaging, The irruption of technology in our daily life is not a secret for anyone, and the packaging industry does not escape from it. That’s why the use of interactive packaging is expected to be a trend during next year. 

In fact, in the last year, the use of AR in packaging has increased from 120% with a significant impact in the young community, offering engagement through experiences as games, music, and recipes. 

Despite the trends remember, when is about beverage packaging, 

  1. The right beverage packaging will always depend and must consider the type of drink. 
  2. Must to protect and offer a good, easy, and practical experience to the customer. 
  3. Make it eco-friendly! Do it for the planet; do it for you. 
  4. Contact Us! We are experts 

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