Domino’s and the pizza box

Let’s imagine that you are at home, outside is raining and you are prepared for movies evening at home, of course, movies need appropriate food, and then is when you make the call to order pizza.

That is maybe common scenery, everyone loves pizza. But this wasn’t always like that; it was just after the II world war than pizza became popular for its convenience, and of course, its delicious flavor. Currently, on average, there are 61.269 pizza shops, approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the USA, and around 1 billion of them are delivered in the famous cardboard packaging box. 

There was a time before the box in which pizza was delivered in “Stufas” made of copper, to keep the pizza hot until the deliver, this deliver way born in Italy, but wasn’t popular in USA.

The “Stufas” were replaced by paperboard pizza boxes. However, the material was not suitable to support the classic moisture of the pizza, was then when Tom Monaghan, Domino’s founder, creates in the ’60s, the first corrugated cardboard pizza box.


 In his autobiography “pizza tiger” Domino’s founder writes about the development of the corrugated pizza container with a company called Triad. 

Monaghan made pizza boxes were extra-durable and insulated. That meant he could deliver an entire stack of pizzas to a group of college kids without the stack collapsing and making a saucy, cheesy mess, and it also meant those pizzas were still going to be hot when they got there. It was a winning combination.

The new box offers enhanced strength and insulation to keep the pizza hotter longer.

The pizza box is, without a doubt, iconic, an essential part of any takeout experience. 

We even could say that the pizza box is one of the most famous food packaging.

60 years later,  the pizza box remains largely unchanged.

The final lesson, the package has the potential to change the story of your business.

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Fun fact

Monaghan made his first delivery from a new store he’d set up in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The order was to a dormitory at Central Michigan University. When Monaghan arrived, the woman working at the reception desk, Margie, caught his eye. They were married the following year, and Margie Monaghan worked with Domino’s for decades.

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