Discover the Fascinating Story of egg carton Pack


Eggs carton is common for everyone, we could say that the eggs and cartons are meant to be, but of course, it wasn’t always like that.

Back in 1900, people used to put the eggs in a basket, and hope the best. Every travel was a risky trial for the eggs.

In 1911, there was a farmer and a hotel owner, for them, the risk of the eggs trip became a big dispute; they blamed each other constantly because of the broken eggs that arrived from the farm to the hotel.

To solve the dispute Joseph Coyle, a journalist born in Ontario in 1875, came with an idea, that has remained almost unchanged till today, the eggs carton; the first ones of them made by hand using newspapers!, “He said: there’s got to be a better way. And … well, the rest is history,” Fergus Tomlin, director of the Bulkley Valley Museum, said in an interview.

Coyle patented the eggs carton in 1919, and started to produce it using machines; he founded the Egg Safety Carton Company, with the cleaver advertisement: “It saves you more than its cost”. It didn’t take a long time until the egg carton became the norm for egg transportation.

Coyle died at his 100, and despite his invention make the life of everyone easier; sadly, he had not a great benefit from it. An inventive man is not always a businessman.

The Eggs carton is a clear example of how the package must answer to the needs of the product; a good package could make a big difference between you and your competitors, but it also could be revolutionary for an industry.  

The packaging designers need to think about your brand, but most than everything a good packaging should think about the interaction between the brand, the product, and the customer!

Remember that the package it’s the first real contact between the product and the client. And let us be part of the story of your brand. We are packaging experts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

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